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It is easy for my boys to be “in the know” regarding the latest line of awesome toys.  Whenever I need to visit our local Target store to stock up some necessities they beg their father for a visit to the toy aisles.  There is no doubt they have three to four specific aisles at Target memorized.  Such is the stuff of their dreams.  They oooo and aahh and make requests for Christmas and their birthday’s.  One of the newest line of toys to catch their eye is Max Steel.

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While my boys were intrigued by Max Steel until recently they didn’t really know what these awesome looking toys were all about. We recently hosted a Max Steel viewing/toy party and at last all four attendees were able to understand the awesomeness of these characters.   Here’s the official scoop~ the animated series, airing on Disney XD, revolves around the trials and tribulations of an ordinary teenaged boy named Maxwell McGrath, and his out-of-this-world alien companion, Steel. Both possess special powers and discover that once combining forces, the ultimate superhero—MAX STEEL—is unleashed.

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Ultimate super hero.

Alien companion.

Special powers. 

Combining forces.


These terms are standard dialogue in my house.  Clearly, Max Steel (made by Mattel) was designed with my boys in mind.

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No doubt this line of toys will be in high demand this holiday season for boys in the five to ten age range. And what I didn’t realize until our recent viewing party is that the toys light up?! Light up alien superhero toys?  My husband might have been a little jealous such a thing didn’t exist when he was a kid.

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For instance take a look at this new Turbo Sword (MSRP $29.99). With battle sounds, motion sensor, and key phrases from the series it was sure to be a hit.  But it also lights up!! A light up sword?! No doubt this is the perfect accessory to any Halloween costume, in my little guy’s eyes.  Specific Max Steel costumes are also available this Halloween visit for more information.

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Max Steel 008

The various action figure toys have different features, but each has an LED light.  Obviously these toys are made for MAX-imum enjoyment.  (I couldn’t resist a pun)

Max Steel 010

The toys are highly enjoyable and provide hours of entertainment within themselves, but of course watching the series provides loads of inspiration for game play.  As a mom I like that the show promotes teamwork.  It is only when Max and Steel join forces together that they have superhero powers.  This concept is HUGE in my house, with three little guys fighting for top dog accolades I try to promote teamwork whenever possible. And even better not only do Max and Steel work together, but they are also great friends.  Working together with a spirit of comradery and humor makes Max Steel a winner all around.

max steel


Since we hosted our viewing party my boys have been talking about Max Steel almost non-stop.  Their first experience with the show and toys has turned out to be a memorable one.

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The Max Steel series is on Disney XD, but the toy line is available via Amazon, Target, Walmart, Kmart, or Toys ‘r Us.



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