The Wig in the Window Book Review (#WigInTheWindow)


I received this book for review purposes, all opinions are my own.

wig in the window

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I am highly pleased that my oldest son, age 8, has developed a love of reading.  When he was just born I started sharing the reading experience with him.  It would actually be surprising if he didn’t like books.  But as a mom it is delightful to see him grow and expand as a reader.  These days he mostly reads by himself.  He no longer curls up in my lap for a quick picture book- he’s way too big!   But during this busy school season we found a way to continue our reading and bonding experience.  While my son groggily eats his breakfast and starts his day, and before his brother’s wake up creating extra chaos, I read to him.  These quiet moments are best for sharing a story together.

The last two months we have worked our way through a new book titled, The Wig in the Window.  This Harper Children’s title will be released on June 18th, but we were fortunate to enjoy a pre-released edition.  At 368 pages this book is still too big for my son to conquer on his own and therefore made a perfect fit for our morning ritual.  Within the book seventh graders Sophie Young and Grace Yang attempt to uncover the secrets surrounding the middle school counselor, Dr. Charlotte Agford.  Immediately it was obvious this book would be mysterious, funny, and addictive.

Even with a  female protagonist, I knew if the story line was intriguing my son would not care.  When Sophie and Grace discover Dr. Agford “murdering” someone in her kitchen, my son’s eyes grew wide as saucers and he was riveted.  Throughout the book as readers we are left questioning the girls perceptions.  Is what they see and think true?  Do they have the mystery figured out?  Sometimes appearances are deceiving.  As an 8 year old, I know there were many underlying themes that were lost on his inexperienced mind.  But I personally found the story to be very insightful.  Even adults are frequently manipulated by others.  Seeing past appearances and understanding the truth is too difficult for some.  Young and Yang are extremely clever, determined, and insightful young girls that are committed to finding the truth.  Yeah, that’s pretty awesome.

This book has just the right amount of humor, mystery, and drama to keep readers intrigued.  But it is truly the characters that make the book so top notch.  The ability to identify and celebrate with the main characters is highly important.  My personal favorite was a supporting character named Trista, who kicks some serious ass in the book.  It is obvious this character was created as the ultimate image of who most of us would like to be in high school/junior high.  Everyone gets picked on at one time or another.  Unfortunately it is a part of adolescence.  But unlike most of us who run away to hide, Trista sticks up for herself with extreme intelligence and courage.

I don’t want to give away any important parts of the book, therefore I won’t discuss specifics, no spoilers here.  But given the length of the book and some serious topics included I would recommend this book to children ages 11+.

As I was reading the book and certainly once I’d finished, I was only left with one major question- When are they going to make the movie?! Because I definitely want to see it!

Read the official description of the book by visiting Harper Collins.  And connect with the author Kristen Kittscher via Twitter and Facebook.  Currently there is a special promotion available for a signed copy of the book and a free spy pen.

And check out this cute video the author made with some “fans” of the book:)

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