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This post was sponsored by Scholastic to encourage children to read during the summer months, all opinions are my own. 


The lazy days of summer are just around the corner. It’s actually been warm enough in Minnesota to make me think it’s summer already. My boys are getting anxious for the end of school and they have already asked several times if we can bring out the sprinkler. Frolicking in the spraying water is a sure sign of the season, but we haven’t indulged in this pastime yet. 

Since my boys are getting older their summer reading experience has evolved. While my youngest son {age 5} still needs to have everything read to him, but my older two boys can read on their own. My seven-year-old is expanding his reading skills, while my ten-year-old voraciously reads a multitude of books. It is very common for me to find one or more of my children engrossed in a book at any given moment. Of course, I’ll be real with you. It is also very common for me to find my children slapping each other and calling each other names. Parenting is a mix of those ideal moments mixed in with reality. 


Our reading goals for this summer include reading a minimum of twenty-five books per child.  For my youngest this means, I’ll actually be doing the reading. It will be quite easy to reach this goal as we read him a minimum of one book at day at bedtime. I’m hopeful that with guidance and encouragement my other two boys will expand their reading ability with new and exciting books. 

Scholastic has developed 5 Parenting Tips for Summer Reading to help encourage parents and children to read this summer. 


To help encourage this goal, I’ve found some simple things parents can do to foster reading. Truly there are just a few easy steps parents can take to increase those moments that their children spend looking at or reading books. 


1. Make Books Accessible! I make sure to keep a lot of books around during the summer months. We actually have a special bookshelf in the living room just for the kids. We’ve utilized this bookshelf since my oldest was a toddler. Keeping books in the room where boys hangout the most and placing these books in a kid-friendly way just makes it easy for children to be pulled into reading. 


2. Variety is the Spice of Life! I know which type of books my boys love and I make sure to keep our bookshelf stocked with those books. However, I also make sure to include other books, selections that I know they might not have picked out on their own. Why? In order to expand their interests and curiosity it’s important to offer selection. You just never know when your child will be completely fascinated with a topic or book that they had never show interest in before. Science, history, mysteries, comics- variety is the spice of life. Provide the opportunity for your children to become fascinated with the world around them. Check out this list for recommended book titles by age. 

3. Bring the Books with You! Summer can be a time of constant motion. There is much to see and do during these sunny months. Living in Minnesota we especially understand the importance of soaking up the rays and enjoying the beautiful weather outside while we can. During this busy time of year it’s important to bring books with you. I always keep books in our car and a couple of books can easily be stuffed in a stroller. There is always downtime. Keep books handy for little hands to grab a book for those quieter moments when on the go. 


4. Bring on a Challenge! Everyone likes a good challenge. And setting goals is a great way to bring some focus and structure to the summer months for children. Once again my boys will take on The Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge™.



This free program is a great way to encourage children to read more during the summer, plus it’s full of useful books suggestions and tips for parents. This year the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge is “Power Up and Read”, Powered by Energizer. Kids can log their reading minutes to unlock original stories by favorite authors- R.L. Stine, Jude Watson and Gordon Korman, earn rewards and win prizes. Scholastic even hopes to break the world records for summer reading!


Adjacent to the reading challenge is an instant win game sponsored by Energizer®- “Power the Possibilities”.  


Starting May 4, 2015, parents can buy any specially marked pack of Energizer® brand batteries to scratch for a chance to win one of thousands of prizes that will power discovery and learning. Prizes include a family trip to New York City, a Scholastic Study Corner Makeover, a tablet with Scholastic apps, a library of Scholastic books and more! 



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How do you keep your kids reading the summer months? I’d love some additional ideas. 


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