Top Blog of the Week- Mommy Katie


This is another new feature for The Mama Report.  Once a week, on Thursday, I will feature a blog that I think is wonderful.  I want to feature Mommy Katie for my first edition.  Mommy Katie is a site dedicated to reviews and giveaways.   Mommy Katie has some wonderful giveaways and is always straight forward and positive with her reviews.  The main reason I want to feature Mommy Katie is because I think she is a great person!  Before I started my blog adventure I emailed several blogs hoping to get a little bit more information on how to start.  The ONLY person who responded to my emails was Mommy Katie.  Katie provided a detailed email discussing the various actions to take when starting a blog AND after I started my blog she helped lead me in the right direction for giveaways.  Now I do believe that the mommy blogging community is a friendly one, but Mommy Katie was helpful above and beyond anyone else.  So I want to send out a big THANK YOU to Mommy Katie!  Check out her site here.

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