Toy Cash via Energizer MAX batteries with Power Seal Technology & a Giveaway


It is officially the time of year to stock up on batteries.  Don’t make my mistake.  A number of years ago when our oldest was little and our only child, we purchased a large complex car track for him.  I knew he was going to love it Christmas morning.  I was so excited!  Christmas Eve my husband built this complex system and we smiled with sweet satisfaction knowing the joy it would bring to our son the next day.  And then we turned it on.  Oh dear, obviously the system required batteries.  And of course, they were not included in the box, nor were they the type that I had in the house.  There is nothing like a 10pm Christmas Eve battery run to instill a degree of fear and self-loathing.   Thank goodness for gas stations.

Now?  I stock up.  People- don’t make my mistake.  Make sure your house is stocked this Christmas for all the various toys that will need a little power.  And while you’re at it, why not save a little cash in the process?  Currently Energizer will provide you with up to $8 in Toy Cash™ (via prepaid MasterCard® or PayPal™) when you purchase specially marked packages of Energizer MAX batteries with Power Seal Technology.  

Energizer makes their cash back system super easy.  The entire process took me about two minutes.

1.     Once you are finished collecting your codes, visit to enter your codes.

2.     You must enter your codes all at once.

3.     The last day to redeem codes is 4/15/13 at 11:59:59 p.m. PT.

4. Specific terms and conditions for this promo can be found here:

And now I can eagerly await a little extra cash in my Paypal account.  Woo hoo!

One lucky Mama Report reader will win two specially marked 4-packs of Energizer MAX batteries with Power Seal Technology containing the special Toy Cash codes.  (choose from AA and AAA Energizer MAX batteries)

Please use the Rafflecopter entry method provided.

U.S. only.  Winner will be verified.

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I have been compensated for this post, all opinions are my own.


  1. No I have not even started yet.

  2. Karen Gonyea says

    Not yet, but I certainly need to !!

  3. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says

    I have not stocked up!

  4. Not yet… but I should.

  5. Darlene Ysaguirre says

    I have not stocked up yet but will within next couple of weeks

  6. debbie jackson says

    Yep but more are always great debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  7. I have stocked up!

  8. Charlene S says

    I try to stay stocked up all year, of course I just noticed we are out of the batteries we use most often.

  9. I am stocked up on batteries.

  10. Virginia Rowell says

    Not yet, this would come in handy!

  11. Christina Oddy says

    got some free ones already!

  12. Not yet, but I will have to for my daughter’s gifts

  13. Gina Ferrell says

    I have not stocked up on batteries yet but I will soon.

  14. I have a few but still need to get some more

  15. Julie Smith says

    I haven’t yet – I usually wait until the last minute, because I like to include batteries with all of my gifts that need them.

  16. Sandy VanHoey says

    So far we bought 2 boxes of AA but we need many more.

  17. Not yet.

  18. not yet but will need some for sure

  19. No I havent yet . I will have to tho with all the grandkids toys that will need batteries

  20. I found big packs of batteries at Walgreens marked down from $15 a pack to $3.

  21. Sarah Hall says

    Yes, I have quite a few new batteries for toys and battery powered Christmas lights.

  22. Not yet, but I will be buying batteries soon.

  23. Wendy McBride says

    No, I haven’t yet.

    wendym at cableone dot net

  24. No, but I need too!

  25. No, but I REALLY need to!

  26. yes I have them

  27. Linda Lansford says

    I have stocked up on batteries

  28. Not yet but I need to!

  29. Yes, I have. Energizer batteries were on sale last week at Walgreens!

  30. Megan Parsons says

    No bud I need to! Thanks for the reminder!

  31. Jennifer Rote says

    Not yet, but I plan to.

  32. denial.

  33. I have not stocked up yet!

  34. Tari Lawson says

    I stocked up before hurricane Sandy and still have some.

  35. Not yet

  36. Jennifer Brown says

    I have….at Staples when they had it free after rewards!

  37. Not holiday stock up, but we at least still have a small stash of AA and AAA’s. Guess I better double check those toys and see what they need!

  38. No but I need to, I’m sure something my son gets will need them as always.

  39. sharon gullikson says

    Not yeeeeeeet…

  40. Carrie Phelps says

    I haven’t yet, I wait until I’m done shopping to know what I’ll need.

  41. Yes I did

  42. Debra Hall says

    no not yet still working on it

  43. not yet

  44. Kendal Barriere says

    we have not stocked up yet!

  45. We have not, but really need to.

  46. casey everidge says

    not yet, but i need to!

  47. Jennifer B says

    No I didn’t yet

  48. Yes, I have!

  49. No, not yet.

  50. Sure did!! I got a great deal at Office Depot!

  51. Seyma Shabbir says

    Yes we buy a big pack from sams club

  52. Yes, I stocked up on batteries this holiday season

  53. No I haven’t, but I probably should by now!

  54. tanya bright says

    Not yet

  55. Yes, but I know I’ll still need more!

  56. Gloria Geck says

    Would love for Christmas gifts, never enough batteries.

  57. no, not yet
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  58. Holli Litrenta says

    I usually use reusables, but I think I am going to need more this Christmas!

  59. I’m stocked up right now — but we go through batteries quickly.

  60. No, I need to get some batteries.

  61. Yes i have- AA and AAA, but not much of the Cs or Ds.

  62. Not yet!!!!

  63. Dannon Jones says

    We have bought a few batteries, but near what will be needed!

  64. not yet

  65. I have not stocked up on batteries yet.

  66. Not yet but they are on my list.

  67. Lowes had a great buy on aa’s so I bought alot

  68. No I have not but sure need to!

  69. not yet but I really need to get batteries

  70. Nikki Strong says

    Yes, Kroger ran a sale on batteries earlier this month, and I stocked up on several different sizes.

  71. I haven’t stocked up. I just buy them as I need them.

  72. Monique Rizzo says

    No, but I will before Christmas.
    Thanks for the chance.

  73. Laura Lane says


  74. Kathleen Downes says

    No but I definitely need to.

  75. Not yet, but I will be stocking up soon!

  76. I have not stocked up on batteries yet

  77. Not yet, but i will

  78. wendy rozema says

    not yet, i need to soon 🙂

  79. not yet!

  80. No but we really need to.

  81. no not yet

  82. Stephanie Larison says

    I haven’t yet, but I need to!

  83. Mamaotwins1 says

    I’ve started stocking up, but I have a list of batteries that I need to get- those odd c batteries always evade me.

  84. Jess McCarthy says

    Just D batteries so far!

  85. Michelle H. says

    Nope, we’re all out of batteries here

  86. Yes I have.

  87. crystal kron says

    been there done that this year we have most of the batteries we need

  88. We haven’t stocked up yet.

  89. Oh yes. But I think I need more!

  90. I haven’t yet but need to before Christmas gets here. Thanks.

  91. Jenny Lloyd says

    i have not stocked on batteries yet but it is on my to-do list for christmas – i would hate for toys not to work on christmas morning, i would have some very sad kids

  92. We have a lot of rechargeables but we probably will need more

  93. Yes!!!!

  94. need some batteries

  95. Angela Williams says


  96. I probably have enough AA & AAA, but only a few C’s & D’s – I’ll probably just wait til after she gets all her gifts to stock up

  97. Lisa Brown says

    Not really. I am low on AA

  98. Not Yet- Thanks for the reminder!

  99. Ashley Hatten says

    no not yet

  100. no but I need to!

  101. I haven’t bought any batteries yet this month!

  102. With three kids under 5 and one on the way, I am stocked with batteries year round! Christmas is the time for extra stocking up!!!

  103. I have NOT bought batteries yet. Thanks for the reminder!
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  104. Tara Liebing says

    Yes but only on AA and AAA

  105. No, I really should get some.

  106. Have a lot of every size, except AA – use more of those than any other.

  107. I haven’t stocked up yet, but I do need to get batteries for all the new toys. 🙂

  108. no I havent. I hope I remember next time Im out.

  109. I buy batteries when they go on sale so try to keep stocked up

  110. I try to keep extra on hand all year round

  111. no not yet

  112. Haven’t stocked up yet.

  113. We have not stocked up on batteries yet

  114. Michele P. says

    no I haven’t but I probably should start!

  115. Christy Anderson says

    No I have not bought many batteries yet…except the free after ECB ones from CVS.

  116. courtney hennagir says

    not yet,i need to get on it!

  117. have not stocked up

  118. Not yet, I need to add them to the shopping list.

  119. kimberly holly says

    not yet

  120. yes, I buy them when they are on sale.

  121. I bought some today, in fact

  122. I stock up on them year round when they are on sale.

  123. Jennifer Isbell says

    not at all

  124. I haven’t stocked up — and I really need to. We are out of almost every single size of battery!

  125. yes – we are all ready!

  126. Yes, at Staples. Hoping they offer their “free” batteries again!

  127. kindra baron says

    no, but I definitely need to!

  128. no but will before christmas

  129. nope
    Thanks for the giveaway! Janna Johnson Janna@feedyourpig on gfc

  130. i did – home depot online had a sale
    tcogbill at live dot com

  131. Leslie Galloway says

    I haven’t yet, but I’ve been writing down what we need as I wrap. That’s the worst feeling to have a gift and the child not be able to use it when they open it!

    Facebook Name: Leslie Galloway (

  132. sindy murray says

    no,not yet but planning on ordering some from amazon!

  133. not yet

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  134. I am trying to stock up! 🙂

  135. Nothing special for the holidays. Stock up all year, especially Staples when they are “free”, returning cost in rewards.

  136. I stocked up on some AAs for toys I’m giving as gifts this year.

  137. Not yet, however as soon as I determine what the energy shortage will be lol, I will be buying them up like crazy!!!

  138. george fields says

    yes i am stocked.

  139. Julie Ragozzine says

    I haven’t yet, but planning to!!

  140. Misses Giveaways says

    no but I need to! I got my kids way too many toys.

  141. Nope not yet, I’ve been to broke to buy batteries lol!

  142. We have not stocked up yet, but I know we’ll need to before Christmas!

  143. im a little behind in my battery supply….

  144. kelley roach says

    i always need batteries

  145. somewhat but I could always use more.

  146. We have a couple of spare batteries but we should probably get some more.

  147. I have. Thanks for the giveaway.

  148. No not yet unfortunately funds will not allow for it at the moment

  149. We always need more batteries!

  150. kathy pease says

    no I havent stocked up yet but its on my to do list

  151. We have a drawer full of batteries.

  152. Debra Pauley says

    I try to stay stocked up all year

  153. Somewhat, but need to get a little more.

  154. No, not yet.

  155. rochelle johnson says

    oops, no i have not. thanks for the reminder. lol

  156. Yes, I think I have it covered, maybe!

  157. yes, all stocked up but you can never have too many batteries!

  158. I really need to

  159. I still need to stock up on my batteries!

  160. we have plenty of batteries ready for all the toys!

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  161. no but i should

  162. No, but I need some.

  163. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    We always have to stock up on batteries!

  164. Yes, I always try to keep stocked up on a variety of batteries so we’re ready for anything – I hate last minute runs to the store!

  165. Samantha Meyer says

    I have not yet

  166. Yes, I stock up whenever batteries are on sale & I have coupons 🙂

  167. yes we use more batteries this time of year than any other time

  168. Not yet
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  169. I have – Staples has a wonderful tradition of putting batteries on sale before the holidays

  170. No I ended up running out first

  171. Yes, I did.

  172. Not yet, I gotta do that! Thanks for the reminder! 😮

  173. Not yet

  174. I only bought one pack so far.. need a few more.

  175. no, we have some rechargeable batteries for a couple of months ago

  176. Cassandra McCann says

    no i could not afford to

  177. No, I haven’t yet.

  178. I haven’t but I could definitely use some extra ones

  179. Sylvia Ortiz says

    I have not stocked up on batteries, as we no longer have small kids to buy “battery-operated” toys.

  180. TIA BEVERLY says


  181. Kerrie Mayans says

    Not Yet, but I need to.

  182. Not yet but we will need to this week.

  183. Yes at Staples taking advantage of thier 100% back in Staples Rewards promo going on right now

  184. susan smoaks says

    no i haven’t stocked up yet

  185. Tanya White says

    No not yet but I plan to

  186. Am going to be buying some today.

  187. Not yet

  188. Susan Smith says

    No not yet I need to get some batteries.

  189. I have not stocked up on batteries

  190. Yes!! We remembered this year….we have plenty to last us through the beginning of the year.

  191. We use rechgareables more often but sometimes still use good old Energizers.

  192. Not yet, I still need to stock up on batteries!

  193. I haven’t bought batteries yet

  194. Stephanie Phelps says

    I have not stocked up on batteries yet

  195. We’ve bought a few packs, but in no way have stocked up! They’ve just been to replace batteries that were dead!

  196. No, but I definitely need to!

  197. I am stocking up as we speak. Thank you so much for this opportunity to win.

  198. Brad Merrell says

    No, but I should

  199. shanta spraldin says

    Yes I did.

  200. Almost finished

  201. Michelle Tucker says

    Haven’t yet, but need some AAA’s very soon.

  202. Trisha McKee says

    No, and I need to!!

  203. Yes, we have lots of toys that will need them

  204. No, but I should

  205. Totally forgot the batteries!

  206. Jenny Marie says

    I have not stocked up on batteries yet but I will soon.

  207. Double and tripe A’s!

  208. I haven’t stocked up, yet. We’ll do it the day after. lol

  209. yep!

  210. Yes, I’ll need them for Christmas toys

  211. Francine Anchondo says

    no i havent yet

  212. Nope haven’t started stocking up yet.


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