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My boys like a variety of toys.   But they are crazy about a handful of specific kinds.  Transformers fit into this mass hysteria induced group.  I’m a girl, I must confess I don’t entirely understand it.  But since I’ve become the mom of three boys, I can state without a doubt that there is something about Transformers that speaks to the inner being of boys.  Robots that can transform into machines or beasts?  This is the stuff of their happiest boyhood dreams.

transformersMy boys were obviously more than willing to test-out this new line of Transformers- Beast Hunters.  The name alone- Beast Hunters- immediately illicits oooo’s and aaaaaah’s from my crew.  But what I am most interested in, is how the toy handles three boys rough play.

2013-03-13 17.25.58

It looks impressive.  But can it handle the constant motion of three little boys.  My youngest son is three years old and can be relied upon to treat toys entirely with the care they deserve.

2013-03-15 14.25.32

It has been my experience that the new line of Transformers is comparable to the other new lines that have come out in recent years.  Those who are familiar with the original line of Transformers will undoubtedly be disappointed.  But as is true with most items- they just don’t make them like they used to.  But, of course, my boys don’t know any different and this Optimus Prime has handled their barrage of abuse quite well.  Pieces are off, but not broken.

2013-03-13 17.25.56

So that each boy gets his fair allotted time with this new Beast Hunter I actually set a timer on rotation.  Each boy gets 10 minutes and then the next brother gets his turn.  It might sound silly, but it definitely keeps the piece over this much coveted item.  And that is all that matters to me:)

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