Tropical Traditions Oxygen Bleach Review & Giveaway


Recently, I received a container of “Oxygen Bleach Non-Chlorine Destainer & Deodorizer” from Tropical Traditions. It is a powdered product which provides for several uses including laundry, upholstery, and bathroom.

I have been able to use this product for our laundry and toilet cleaning. I used it on our ‘regular’ laundry and it worked quite well. I was tempted to do a side-by-side super filthy garment cleaning attempt (like the laundry commercials of years gone by), but the reality of my life doesn’t allow that to happen.

I usually use Comet powder to clean our toilets, so switching to this product wasn’t a big change. The directions are similar and the results were very similar as well.  Who likes to clean toilets?  But I guess it has to be done!

One picky thing that I noticed about this product is that all of the directions are given in ounces of powder, however, the scoop provided is labeled as ‘cc’ (cubic centimeters) which is a liquid measurement. Not that I think the science is exact, but thankfully given my profession (a pharmacist), I know that 60 cc is equal to 2 ounces. I am not sure how many people would know that conversion. I think it would be a good customer service point to have the packaging and tools coincide.

Overall, I am satisfied with the performance of the Oxygen Bleach.  I will continue to use it for a variety of purposes within my household.  Check out the full list of possible uses for this product here.

Currently the Oxygen Bleach is almost half off the original price.  Normally it sells for $30, but is currently on sale for $16.75.  Have your bleach cleaner shipped right to your door!

One lucky Mama Report reader will Tropical Traditions Oxygen Bleach!

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This review was written by Angela for the Mama Report.

I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.


  1. Kathleen Hafely says

    I would love to try this product on my laundry and bathroom.

  2. I’d use it to clean my shower

  3. Cloth diapers.

  4. I think I’d use it for cleaning the toilet and shower the most.

  5. I’d use it on my cloth diapers!

  6. Joyce Raymond says

    I would use it with my carpet cleaner!

  7. Definitely for cleaning the bathrooms!

  8. I would use this for my whites and to deodorize my pet beds!

  9. My bathroom.
    chacha6581(@) yahoo dot com

  10. I have 5 kids (all boys). I would use this in the bathrooms (they need help lol)

  11. I would use it for my stained plastic ware and to clean our deck in the spring

  12. I’d use it on my bathroom sink.

  13. jodi lasher says

    I would most likely use it on my clothing when i wash whites

  14. I’d use it first on my shower and tubs!

  15. I would use it on my white clothes when washing !

  16. bed sheets!

  17. Debra Hall says

    i’d use it when i do laundry

  18. Since we don’t use much laundry soap (we use the laundry ball) I would use it to boost the whiteness of my whites. Probably to clean the toilet, too, but I’m with Angela – who likes to clean toilets!?!

  19. I would mainly use it in my laundry to replace the oxyclean I usually use.

  20. Soccer uniforms, especially those socks after playing in the rain! Yuck.

  21. I would use it to clean my bathroom and my carpets.

  22. laundering whites, and shower and tub

  23. My bathroom! It would be nice and clean!!

  24. To clean the bathroom and the shower .

  25. Stains and my whites.

  26. In my laundry.

  27. sarah shult says

    On our diapers

  28. Tari Lawson says

    I would use it for my son’s stinky work uniforms.

  29. Ashley Stephen says

    I would use it on laundry

  30. I would use it to whiten whites and may try it in the toilet.

  31. My cloth diapers, wipes and mamma pads. I might also use it in the bathroom.

  32. My daughters clothes!

  33. We have very hard water here and even with a water softener we get light staining in our sinks & stools. I’d try to get rid of those stains. I’d also use it in diaper pail.

  34. I would use it on my husbands sports ware

  35. i’d use this on laundry

  36. I would totally use this on our laundry… probably even save it for the cloth diapers; we’re expecting in July.

  37. for sure the bathtub!

  38. Gina M Maddox says

    I would use this on my whites and colored laundry! Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  39. I’d use it to clean my whites.

  40. PurpleLarkspur says

    I would use this for laundry!

  41. I would like to try this in my laundry and bathroom cleaning? Thanks

  42. laundry esp towels

  43. crystle tellerday says

    tolit and laundry

  44. Since I have a septic system, I would take their recommendation of flushing it into the system twice a week!

  45. I’m curious about its uses as a toilet cleaner! normal cleaners are SO toxic and smell horrible!

  46. susan varney says

    to clean the bathroom

  47. clean bathrooms

  48. I would love to use this to clean my shower!

  49. Allison Downes says

    Laundry ,Bathroom and kitchen

  50. Sarah Williams says

    cloth diapers!

  51. I would love to give this a try! I was just thinking that I needed to buy some bleach to do some cleaning, but was putting it off because I don’t like the chemicals.

  52. I would use it on my kitchen counters and toilet bowls. 🙂

  53. For laundry and the bathroom

  54. my bathrooms

  55. I would use it for our towels

  56. I think I would use it in my laundry. To make bathroom cleaner paste. To freshen carpets – sprinkle on and vacuum. This stuff has many uses I think.

    FB: Toni Marie Caravello
    reannenny at
    Twitter: Tonic67

  57. cleaning those toilets!

  58. I would love to use this in our bathrooms
    rollerbeth at gmail dot com

  59. In our laundry

  60. I would use it in our laundry

  61. Rebecca Niehaus says

    I would love to use this on my laundry and in the shower

    Rebecca Niehaus
    imsosweepy at gmail dot com

  62. The bathroom!

  63. Laundry at first.

  64. I would use it to clean my shower

  65. I would use it in the wash and to clean carpets.

  66. to clean the bathroom

  67. I would use it to remove pet stains from my carpet.

  68. I would love to use it on pee stains on mattresses. 🙂

  69. My Bathroom.

  70. Casey Everidge says

    white clothes and cleaning the bathroom

  71. I would use this on laundry

  72. I would use it on my white laundry.

  73. I would use it on all of my whites and towels =)

  74. my laundry!

  75. I would love to try this to my bathroom!

    Jenn from How to Make a Bow

  76. Debbie Kennedy says

    I would use it for cleaning in the bathroom and for the laundry

  77. Kelly Marceau says

    I would use it everywhere, laundry, bathrrom, carpets etc….

  78. ericka coello says

    well, one product does it all so, I’ll use it EVERYWHERE!

  79. Michele Hunter says

    I’d use to clean my counters, bathroom and to brighten my whites in the laundry.

  80. ♡♥♬ Louis ♬♥♡ says

    bleach my socks
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  81. I’d love to try it on my sick tub and toilet because we have hard water with high iron and it stains the porcelain. It makes every thing look dingy and dirty. It’s hard to get the calcium iron stains off and I’d love to try a new product. Thanks for sharing this review and giveaway with all of us ~!

  82. I would probably use it for just about all my cleaning, lol. I always go crazy with bleach.

  83. Traci Butler says

    Laundering kitchen towels.

  84. Debbie jackson says

    athletic clothes and jerseys

  85. I would use it for laundry.

  86. Brittney House says

    I would use it on the shower

  87. I would love to use this in my laundry and for cleaning the bathroom.

  88. Virginia Rowell says

    I would use it for a variety of things but I would love to see if it actually deoderizes the toilet!

  89. Desiree Dunbar says

    I’d use it on the laundry.

  90. Shirley Hicks says

    to clean my bathroom

  91. I would use it in the laundry, but also to clean my grout and tile.

  92. I would use this in the laundry room.

  93. GET dirt stains out of kids clothes

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  94. I would use it on my bathtub because I hate the smell of most bathroom cleaners.

  95. I would use it to clean my bathroom

  96. I’d use it to clean my bathtub and shower curtains.

  97. kathy pease says

    id use this on our white laundry

  98. melissa Resnick says

    to wash my floors

  99. I would love to try this product to do housework!

  100. I would use it on laundry, and bathrooms.

  101. To clean my bathtub

  102. Jennifer Paige says

    I would use it for the toilet and floors

  103. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    my sheets
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  104. I would use it on laundry. Thanks for the giveaway.

  105. tile floors

  106. I would use it with our laundry

  107. Clean up some of the dirty clothes! 🙂

  108. I would use in the laundry and the bathroom!

  109. I will use it in the laundry and for cleaning the kitchen.

  110. Laundry – Towels & Sheets

  111. I would use it in the laundry & for cleaning up after my pets.

  112. I’d use this to clean my kitchen

  113. I’d use it to clean my bathtub

  114. Anastacia Grace says

    My bathtub.

  115. carol lewis says

    I would love to try it for some vintage tablecloths I got cheap at estate sales. They have stains and I would love to get them out.

  116. Deborah Wallin says

    I would use it for laundry and toilets

  117. Gina Ferrell says

    I would love to try this product on my laundry and bathroom especially the toilet.

  118. my bathroom and laundry for sure

  119. Thanks for the giveaway…perfect for cleaning our lawn furniture…and laundry, naturally.
    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  120. yes i can use them


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