Uncorking Movie Night with Yellowtail #Wine & Snow White and the Huntsman #ytmovienight


It was time for movie night once again at our house.  This time the feature was Snow White and the Huntsman.  Ever since my husband and I saw the previews for this movie we have been excited to see it.  We didn’t get a chance to view the movie in theaters, even with our excitement.  Sometimes three little boys just take precedence.

We had a festive little evening with Nana, which included some tasty treats and some delicious wine.  Quite some time ago I tried Yellowtail wine and remember being unimpressed.  My opinion certainly changed this time when I had the chance to sample the Shiraz.

This red wine was smooth and tasty.  Perhaps a little too smooth!  Don’t ask me how many glasses I had!

We also had snacks provided by The Popcorn Factory.  The Snack Attack Sampler had us stuffed, but I also happened to make a Red Velvet Cake.  Yes, we had plenty of food!

Most of my parties are women only.  I officially view my husband as a movie crasher now:) But it’s okay, he really wanted to see the movie!

The blood red nature of the Red Velvet Cake seemed to suit our party perfectly.

But next it was time to set our scene.  It is so much more fun to watch movies with the proper setting.  A little candlelight and a little theatrics always add to the fun!

Nana isn’t afraid to tap into her Evil Queen persona!  But somehow I don’t think her cheerful smile, truly captures the wickedness of Charlize Theron in the movie.  We’ll blame it on too much wine;)

The costumes in the movie were amazing.  I don’t even want to think about how many hours they took to create.  And the cinematography was beautiful.  It was hard however, to forget the recent drama encircling the movie with Snow White (Kristen Stewart) and the director.  What an unfortunate circumstance.  As I was watching the film, it was hard to not to ponder upon that situation.  Ultimately I’m sure it will taint the movie for many.

Follow the hashtag #ytmovienight to follow other Snow White and the Huntman movie parties!  And join with us tomorrow night from 6-9 CST for our virtual party:)

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