Unleash the Power of Play at the Reopened Minnesota Children’s Museum!


This post was created in partnership with the MN Children’s Museum as a part of their ambassador program, however all opinions are my own. 

While the outside of the Minnesota Children’s Museum essentially looks the same, I can assure you the inside has gone through a dramatic remodel. If you previously visited this popular destination, you’ll know as soon as you step inside that you are in new uncharted territory. Hours of hard work has made this museum an entirely new place for kids and adults to explore. My boys were knowledgeable guides to the old site, but they were excited fans discovering unknown play treasures during our recent visit. 

Even with the remodel let me assure you that the backbone of the Minnesota Children’s Museum has remained intact. The heart of the organization is to encourage children to play. And, even more pointedly, to play in an open-ended creative way. All of the new features and exhibits allow for little imaginative minds to create, build, explore, and fantasize to their heart’s content. 

From simple and unique relaxing chairs to building blocks and a highly fun water area, kids will have a ton of fun checking out all the new exhibits. 

My crew is 7, 10, and 12 and they all had a great time visiting the museum! I was most impressed that my twelve-year-old was entertained. Being almost thirteen he is in that interesting age where he doesn’t quite fit in with the kids, but doesn’t fit in with teenagers either. He was able to tap into his younger playful side during our visit and that made my mom heart happy. 

For most kids one of the best parts of the remodel is a new area called The Scramble. Make sure to brings socks with you when you visit, they are needed to explore this indoor play area. I couldn’t quite capture a compelling picture of this giant play structure, but it includes lots of climbing and slides. Think of it as an indoor park structure. This feature will come in very handy for many families once the Minnesota winter has unleashed itself and so many are forced to spend lots of time indoors. 

Have you visited the newly remodeled Minnesota Children’s Museum? What is your favorite part? 

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