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If you remember from my previous post, a group of fellow Social Fabric members are currently focusing on our goals in anticipation of the conference SoFabCon.  This is my one month status update.  Just to give you a quick refresher my goals were to log a few miles on the treadmill and to retain some peace of mind as we attempt to sell our house. 


Well, I’m definitely not smashing any records in the treadmill arena.  I’ve logged three miles for the month.  Clearly, I need to step up my level of activity.  I’d like to blame a nasty case of the flu for offsetting my momentum, but I really didn’t have any momentum to begin with.  

House Selling 

There has been quite a bit more activity on the home selling front.  In a month and a half we’ve had seven showings.  That’s a LOT of impromptu house cleaning! While I’m actually pleased with the number of showings, unfortunately they have amounted to nothing.  Seven showings equals nada.  My new war cry is March, April, and May! Why? It is the “hot” time for house sales and ultimately our pivotal time to sell before school is out for the summer and we HAVE to move. 


In this calm before the storm of moving we are enjoying the Minnesota snow and cold.  With the beginning of March it is inevitable that there is bound to be two more months of winter, but I’m just hoping May remains snow-free this year for my trip to SoFabCon!:) 


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  1. Here’s to snow-free May for you!!! Glad everything is going well enough for you and I do hope your home sells. I just love your dog, reminds me of my lab we just lost about 3 weeks ago.

    Looking forward to meeting in in May at SoFABCON.

  2. YAY! I am so excited to hear of all the showings! I know it is crazy stressful trying to sell your house. Hang in there. It will pass and be over before you know it! I love the pics in the snow. I am sure yall are tired of this cold and all the snow. It has been a CRAZY winter! I can’t imagine 2 more months of snow. BURRR!!!! This is a new month. You can get back on the treadmill and ROCK this month! You can do it!

  3. we have had bad weather her in VA but can not imagine the consistent cold you are experiencing in MN. We have relatives there and all their pictures are utterly amazing. Great photos by the way. Look forward to meeting you in May.

  4. I hope the snow comes to an end for you, but your snow pictures are absolutely beautiful!

  5. Diane Sallans says

    this has been such a beast of a winter that it must have had a negative effect on house sales – but I think Spring weather is almost here to stay!

  6. We are going to be putting our house for sale soon we are having a new one built. I am not looking forward to it. I love your dog. What a cutie.

  7. Good luck on selling your home. The weather in this region has not been runner friendly. I log about 50 miles a week and do it all outside, this weather is exhausting! Come July we’ll all be complaining about the heat!

  8. Sadly the snow probably isn’t helping too much on either mission! I signed up for a free women can run program to train for a 5k maybe you have something like that local! Also my fitbit flex (and nexercise app and walgreens steps incentives) keep me moving! See you in May!

  9. Christy Anderson says

    I live in the South and it’s very rare for us to get snow, so I love seeing these pictures!

  10. Best of luck selling your home! I wish we had a treadmill here. It’d make it so much easier for me to get up and go (when I finally find the time in the middle of the night). I find great results when I schedule my walking time in on my calendar. I’ve had a little setback in my schedule but I’m starting back up on Monday and it’s written right in.

  11. Spring is a great time to sell your house so I’m sending you all kinds of positive vibes! I’m sure hoping we don’t have two more months of snow here- I’m definitely wishing for spring!

  12. Debbie Welchert says

    The snow has finally melted hear and I hope the snow is done. I’m really ready for spring now. I love your pictures.

  13. Your pics are absolutely AMAZING Ali! Love them!!! I know house selling is SO stressful. Upside is that you are burning those calories cleaning…if there is an upside!

  14. mrsshukra says

    Some of us here in Hawaii still get excited about snow. Thank you for sharing and all the best!

  15. You will sell that house Ali! Don’t be too hard on yourself about the running, no one likes running on a treadmill or in 10 feet of snow.

  16. Beautiful pictures. I love seeing pictures of snow and there is just so much on the ground.

  17. shelly peterson says

    I hope things get better in every way possible. I do not like the snow but it sure is pretty to look at, love your pics.

  18. Oh great pictures! I too am hoping for a snow free May! Hope your house sells soon for you! I think Spring is a good time to sell, so hopefully you will soon!

  19. Cynthia R says

    I love the picture of your dog with the snow on his nose. We got quite a bit of snow for our area than we are used to, it was fun but we are ready for spring!

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