Valentine’s Day Gift Idea- Murano Glass Bead Bracelets from Red Envelope


murano bracelet

(The black string on the bracelet is a removable tag stating that the bracelet is Hand Made Murano Glass Made in Italy.)

Italian glass bead bracelets?  Yes, please!  I have to admit,  for me- jewelry is a gift that never gets old.  There are always new styles and new colors to perfectly compliment an outfit.  Jewelry is a perfect way to mark special occasion and happy memories.   There is nothing better than putting on a piece of jewelry while thinking of the loved one you receive it from or the day you spent together.

Italian Murano glass is famous world wide as a creator of extraordinary glass works.  I am fortunate to own a Murano vase direct from Italy itself, thanks to my brother and sister.  This beautiful glass bead bracelet is a perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year.  Rather than giving a gift to sweetheart, perhaps consider giving a gift to your best girlfriends!  Girls really know what other girls want- right?

This bracelet can easily fit around most wrists, as it is adjustable.  I love the vibrant color of these beads as it looks elegant and beautiful.  I have a colorful skirt that will complement this bracelet perfectly.

murano red envelop bracelet

Of course if jewelry isn’t your thing, Red Envelope has a wide selection of amazing gifts.  There are gourmet foods, gardening items, luxury apparel, and stylish designs for the home just to spark your interest.  I must confess that prior to this review I had heard of Red Envelope before, and I knew they sold a wide selection of gift items, but for some unknown reason I had never really checked out the site.  I love being able to browse by recipient and by theme.  Sometimes I know exactly what I’m looking for, but there are other moments when I am desperately perusing a site just trying to find the perfect gift.  Red Envelope is a great site for either type of search.

If you find a gift this season via Red Envelope make sure to maximize your savings by checking out the current coupon page for discounts.



I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.









  1. Such pretty bracelets that I know every girl and woman will want one.

  2. sandra davis says

    really pretty bracelets

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