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Veggietales: A Very Veggie Easter Collection contains the popular Easter DVDs “Twas the Night Before Easter” and “An Easter Carol.” Additionally, this set includes 2 CDs – “A Very Veggie Easter” and “Hosanna!” Plus the Easter CDs include some very special guests (Amy Grant and Mark Hall)!

This is a perfect gift for Easter!


My kids are like many others in so many ways.  One of those ways is their love for cartoons and movies.  Like so many of you, I struggle to find the right balance of ‘screen’ time and everything else in life.  I admit that I appreciate those moments when they are distracted by the TV so that I can sneak in a little bit of work (exciting things like cleaning or my ‘real-life’ work) without interruption, but I don’t like the fact that the TV can suck them in so easily!  When the kids do watch TV, we try to pick out programming that is educational and thought-provoking.  When offered the chance to review a Veggie Tales DVD, we jumped at the opportunity.  We have several of the Veggie Tales books which all 3 of my kids enjoy.  What isn’t to enjoy about a singing tomato or talking cucumber?  The storylines are wholesome and faith-based without being TOO preachy, in my opinion.

The stories are “An Easter Carol” which helps to teach about God’s love for us and “ ‘Twas the Night Before Easter.” which illustrates how to serve others.The 4 disc set (2 DVD‘s and 2 CD‘s) Veggietales: A Very Veggie Easter Collection is no different.  It has been awhile since the girls have seen a Veggie Tales movie, so I wasn’t sure if my 8 year old would find it ‘too childish’ for her.  She was as enthralled as ever and was caught singing the songs afterwards.

My four-year old was really excited to watch the movies and has been listening to the CD’s at bedtime.  The songs are upbeat, but thankfully she still manages to fall asleep!

If your children are VeggieTales fans, check out their website at   The site has e-cards, games, videos, and even stories that can be read by you or the computer.


This review was written by Angela for The Mama Report.

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