Velcro Brand Removable Poster & Picture Hangers Review & Giveaway


Since we moved into our current house over two years ago I have been slowly decorating each room.  This process has been very slow for me.  A few months after we moved in I gave birth to our third son.  That first year with three boys ages 5 and under, I was just trying to establish a degree of function for our household.  Fast forward a couple of years later and now I am in the midst of decorating.

This summer I focused on the living and our bedroom.  I am very pleased with the results (I will have a post soon with my bedroom redo).  During this process there was a lot of picture hanging.  Nana and I have a method.  Each performs her specific job in the hanging process.  We can’t switch it up.  We’ve tried.  When we switch there is a crazy crookedness.  Even with our tried and true method some of my pictures just don’t hang right.  For example I have a framed cross stitched creation my mother made hanging in our hall.  I placed the picture on a nail that was already there.  The nail is perfectly centered and is very sturdy.  No need to pull it out and possibly damage the wall, so instead I just hung my picture.  Unfortunately this picture has never hanged correctly since we moved in, and this is one of the first pictures I put up.

My solution?  Duct tape.  Yup, it isn’t too pretty, but at least it held the picture in place.  The crookedness was driving me crazy.  Unfortunately as you walk by you can actually see the duct tape. Take a look.

I recently discovered VELCRO® Removable Poster and Picture Hangers and I knew I had found a solution to my problem.  It was so simple and effective!

First I applied the strip to the picture with the arrows pointing up.  (Note- that they recommend cleaning and drying all surfaces first)(I’m lazy and didn’t do this, but it worked just fine)

Second attach the soft mate side to the square strip.  (Or in my language- attach the Velcro together:)

Then simply position the picture where you want it on the wall.  The other side of the soft mate is sticky and therefore sticks to the wall.

My pictures is now firmly in place.  You can use just Velcro Picture Hangers to hang pictures, but this image is large and heavy so I am still hanging it by a nail, but the Velcro Picture Hangers help hold it in place. See the difference?

Now my pictures is centered on the wall with being crooked and there is no ugly duct tape visible!

I immediately had another project to for my Velcro Poster and Picture hangers.  My son received a 3-D dragon poster for his birthday and we have been merely propping it up on his dresser since he received it.  With nothing to hang the poster from I wasn’t really sure what we were going to do with it.  the Velcro Picture Hangers are perfect as they are removable.  I placed the picture above my son’s bed, but it definitely will not always hang there.

The process was so simple and easy once again.

I attached the Velcro strips pointing up once again.  Then attached the soft mate to the Velcro and simply positioned it on the wall!

Now his poster is up (so he’s happy) and I’m happy as there are no additional holes in my wall and I can easy take down the poster whenever I want.  Super!

I am so happy to have a selection of Velcro products on hand.  I can see where these hangers can be handy for a variety of projects.  I would highly recommend picking up several packs (available at and Staples retail locations and will be available at Home Depot and Walmart retail locations, Home and in October) just to keep on hand in your home, because you never know when they will come in handy.

VELCRO® Removable Poster and Picture Hangers

From creating gallery walls, to adding little decorative details throughout your home, updating the look of your walls is easy with VELCRO® Brand’s Removable Adhesive. And best yet, Removable Adhesive Picture Hangers don’t leave nail holes or damage walls making application quick, easy, and versatile to use around your entire home.

Ideal for use around the home or office, VELCRO® Brand Removable Adhesive products offer a number of distinct features:

  • Hang framed pictures, photos, and posters securely, ensuring that wall décor remains secure and safe from falling
  • Picture Hangers easily adjust and level, eliminating the frustrating process of repeated removal and application
  • Removes cleanly from the wall surface to prevent damage
  • Pre-cut pieces and cut-to-length tape make application quick, easy and convenient
  • Has a low profile, so items hang flush to the wall
  • Easily reusable, allowing for the same wall piece to be used for multiple wall mountings
  • Available in convenient ¼ lb., 1 lb. and 3 lb. sizes, ensuring that a variety of items can be hung securely and flush to walls

Check out this brief video showing how easy they are to use!

Five lucky Mama Report reader will win a set of assorted Velcro Brand Removable Poster & Picture Hangers!



I received the above mentioned products for review purposes, all opinions are my own.


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