Versatile & Durable- Mighty Max Cart Review


I versatile, durable wagon is an essential tool to have at the ready during the summer.  I grew up with a Radio Flyer red wagon and while it was useful, it is also very limited.  There are no adjustments that can be made to the size or shape of the wagon.  What you see is what you get.

I recently received a Mighty Max Cart and once I had it assembled I was amazed at the versatility this cart can provide. Plus the cart is made from 100% recycled plastics in the USA!  Gotta love that!

The wagon arrives neatly boxed, but in desperate need of assembly.

My husband is officially in charge of building anything that we might need in our home.  I do not have a mechanical mind and  I consider one of the benefits of marriage to be the fact that I never need to assembly anything.  I cook and clean, he builds and takes care of bugs.  It’s a good balance:)

However, since I am the one responsible for writing this review, I felt I ought to put it together…..

Surely it couldn’t be too hard?……

I quickly set to work and after many interruptions (I never get to do anything uninterrupted- it is the price I pay for being a mom). The cart was sturdy enough to provide a nice seat for my youngest as he ate his snack.

The direction come with real pictures (I love that!)  I find drawings to be not as useful.  However there was no master list of parts.  And once I was finished I still had this piece…..

I could not figure it out!?  I was so sure I had built it correctly!

After a little bit of figuring I determined the leftover piece is an additional hitch to hook another Mighty Max wagon too,  Phew!  I did build it correctly! A master list of parts would have been handy to refer to at this point.

And if I had not had all the interruptions I did, I could have easily put the entire wagon together in about 15 minutes.   From someone who almost never puts anything together I can attest it was super easy.

Time to see how it all works and put it to the test!

This probably isn’t very safe for my children as there is no way to secure them in the cart, but we’re reckless like that:)

There are a number of options available with this cart.  As I started to “play around” with the options, I was truly impressed.

The advertisement video for the cart showcases an older lady pulling large, heavy items with her cart.  It must be true!  As little brother was easily able to pull older brother!

Notice the different formation.  Another possibility.

I also pulled both boys (about 70 lbs) with ease!  The cart boosts being able to hold up to 800 lbs, though I haven’t had a chance to test it on something quite that heavy.

Notice that the green bucket is entirely removable as are the black sides.  The bottom portion is also adjustable in length!

And while it has been too wet around here lately to start our garden, I can already visualize just how handy this cart will be once I start.  Last season I had to frequently make many trips to haul all the plants and supplies to the garden about 100 yards away.  Now I can take it all in one load!

Check out the video below to see how the Mighty Max Cart so versatile!

I envision many uses for our new Mighty Max Cart- for our children, as a gardening tool, hauling groceries, moving miscellaneous items.  I definitely recommend purchasing a Mighty Max Cart to have on hand for all those times, when it will just merely be handy to use.   And while the cart I have is $150 this cost is justifiable considering the many uses and potentially longevity of the cart.  Sometimes it is wise to make an investment in something that will last and actually service many uses.

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I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.

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