VTech InnoTab (The Learning App Tablet) Review


Do you own an iPhone or an iPad?  Are your kids always trying to use it?  Do they constantly need to feed their Angry Birds addiction?

I’m not judging.  Believe me I’m not.  Because, of course, that is my family.  We don’t own an iPad, but my husband is a proud owner of an iPhone.  The technology is amazing and it isn’t any surprise that children gravitate to the games and videos available with the touch of a finger.   While my husband is willing to share his phone, to a certain extent, there comes a point when the kids just need their own device.

My family recently received the brand new VTech InnoTab.  My children were thrilled, my husband was relieved.  My four year old immediately whisked the tablet away.  What happened to the days of instructions?  Directions?  Explanations?  They are simply not needed.

Books, music, games, art, photos, organizer, plus more.  If you’re thinking this sounds like an Amazon Fire or and iPad you are correct.  The VTech InnoTab is essentially a child’s verision of these adult toys.  Is the InnoTab as good as an iPad?  Of course not.  Apple is Apple, but children will love playing with their own version.

The Learning Lodge Navigator (downloadable) keeps track of everything on your child’s InnoTab.  Within this program you can download additional e-books and games for various additional costs.  There is also cartridge software that is available for purchase such as the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for $22.65 or Dora the Explorer for $19.99.

Listening to a book.

The tablet does use batteries and it might be advisable to use rechargeable ones as it doesn’t seem to take too long to burn through a set of regular batteries.

My son’s favorite aspect?  The games of course.  My seven year old and four year old both loved the Ice Escape game.  I’m not entirely sure my four year old understood the point of the game, but he was full of cheers while playing.   The other preloaded game is Pinball and uses tilt motion to play.  This is a fun aspect as you move the tablet to move the ball.  Fun!

The tablet just like an iPad is used by merely moving your finger across the screen, however you do need to firmly place your finger down to take action.

My seven year old enjoyed the InnoTab, however I believe my four year old is a better fit for the toy.

Check out all available VTech products for potential gift giving this Christmas.   I recommend the VTech InnoTab as an iPad and iPhone alternative for children!

I received the above mentioned products for review purposes, all opinions are my own.


  1. Does vtech innotabl make a games for it’s machine that is angry bird? Bought the innotab for my grandson becuase I read that it did and now I can’t find anything that works, Please advise me on this matter.


  2. Does vtech innotab make a games for it’s machine that is angry bird? Bought the innotab for my grandson becuase I read that it did and now I can’t find anything that works, Please advise me on this matter.


  3. OH NO! I just bought two innotabs online for my 7 and 5 year old girls, primarily because I don’t want them playing with the $600 HP Touchpad I bought last summer (before they dropped to $99, but I digress). If my good friends and Rovio can make a version of Angry Birds for for WebOS, the outstanding operating system that HP bought and then promptly shot in the foot, then perhaps they will produce one for Vtech’s Inotab App Store.

    What could cause them not to provide this hotest of video games? The profit woud definately be there, but do you think Angry Birds is too violent, addictive, void of educational value, commercial, independant from the grip of Disney or what? Perhaps they are chicken (giggles at the thought of an Angry Chicken).

    Vtech, I know you are monitoring the net for what is being said about the Vtech Innotab. So hear this … Give me Angry Birds! If not for me, then ‘Do it for the children.’ Merry Christmas!

    • I agree:)

    • GIVE US ANGRY BIRDS!!!!!! The games you provide are OK and educational, but sometimes the kids just want to have fun playing the most popular game out there. If not for the kids for the adults that, out of desperation, hand over their ipads, iphone, nooks etc…so the little kids can have a shot at playing the most popular game out there like their older siblings. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!! I’d like to get my nook back in order to read a few books.

  4. I can not download the learning lodge navigator does anyone know how I can download it or were else I can go to download apps?

  5. It also said when you register you will get free apps and some type of coins and I can’t seem to get anything? I like the innotab but not being able to download stuff sucks?

    • Hi Katrina,

      I’m assuming you were able to download the Learning Lodge Navigator? When you register I believe you do receive some free coins, but I haven’t used any of that myself. I am also unsure about free additional apps as the system does come with included apps. Perhaps those are the ones they are referring to? I hope you are able to figure it out. My kids enjoy play with it, especially the art portion.

      • No I was never able to download the learning lodge navigator.

        • Did you connect the Innotab with your computer? When I did this the Learning Lodge Navigator was prompted to download. I then approved it to do so.
          If that doesn’t work I would try this number-
          Product Support: 1.800.521.2010
          Hope this helps Katrina!

    • steve jones says

      call customer support. they will walk you through it.

  6. the innotab is great but i can not down load angry birds for my 6 year old girl please can you help thanks.

  7. Was looking at getting two of these, passing, why? Their website isn’t helpful at all, rather convoluted telling you nothing. Most of the reviews are the same, just lacking any real depth or the PC mag reviews, all the same, oil on water review. How about a manual on line PDF? I have read it takes cartridges, then a SD card with downloadable apps, who knows, where is a list of company games, how many are there, and third party? Yeah every watery review tells me of the few preloaded ones. May or may not be a good device, but until the info on this product is laid out more fully I can’t see buying it.


  9. Glad to know I can’t load Angry Birds which my grandson loves and is the reason I purchased the Innotab…just purchased so i can take it back for a refund!

  10. WE NEED ANGRY BIRDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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