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I’ve mentioned before that having children has reeked havoc on my hair.  I used to have perfectly straight fine, thick hair.  Honestly, I could wake up in the morning and just run my fingers through it.  It was divine.  Unfortunately those days are far behind me.  I now have hair that has body.  Crazy, uncontrolled not-consistent body.  It’s very odd.  I’m still adjusting.

Maybe you all already knew about the importance of various hair products, but I must admit I am not knowledgeable.  Take for instance- Hair Nutrition Vitamins.  These supplements help make your hair stronger, longer, & healthier and with less breakage.

These all natural vitamins

  • Reduce breaking, splitting and frizz
  • Increase scalp circulation and help fight thinning, shedding and hair loss
  • Excellent for improving nails and skin, too!

My preferred method for containing the madness that is my hair, is to pull it back into a bun.  This hair style isn’t exactly best way to take care of my hair.  A little vitamin boost certainly would help!

Hair Nutrition Vitamins are available from Healthy Hair Plus a one stop site for all items hair related.  The selection of hair product is amazing.  Argan Oil, Fast Growing Hair kits, anti-fungal shampoo……it it’s for your hair, it’s more than likely available from Healthy Hair Plus.  Plus they also have a helpful section of posts relating to hair health- topics include, selecting paraben-free shampoo, hair brushes for different types of hair, what causes sore spots on scalp, and many more.

Hmmm…it occurs to me I ought to take a closer look at this website for advice on how to tame my crazy mane.  Okay, time to get to the giveaway.  I’ve got some reading to do at Healthy Hair Plus.  Perhaps in future posts, I can describe my illustrious locks!

Healthy Hair Plus is hosting a giveaway for an entire case of Hair Nutrition Vitamins!  Check out all the details here.  But you can simply enter to win by using the Rafflecopter entry method provided.   The Mama Report is not responsible for selecting a winner or prize fulfillment.

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