Wordless Wednesday


Don’t YOU wear an ice cream mustache with your tie?  When you’re 3 it is a fashion MUST:)


  1. GREAT face! great photo!

  2. LOL! That’s such an awesome shot.

  3. That’s literally made me laugh! At least it stayed off the shirt!

  4. Hilarious!

  5. Looks like my little guy on Easter when he got into an Easter egg. lol

  6. Classic!

  7. OMG! This is a great photo!!! Much better than all of those “sit nicely amd smile” ones people are always trying to take.

  8. Love it! Of course little men do!

  9. HA! So funny but so cute!

  10. OMG that’s awesome! Love the face!

  11. Oh my goodness, that is quite a face! He’s adorable!!

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