Wordless Wednesday- Tossing Stones in Lake Superior


We were able to get away for the weekend to our most favorite spot on the Earth (other than home), Duluth and the North Shore.  Here we are tossing stones into Lake Superior with Split Rock Lighthouse in the distance.  It is so surreal to look at the picture with our family of five and remember how my husband proposed at the base of the lighthouse almost 12 years ago.  Boy, time flies!  Nana gets credit for this awesome shot.  Good job Nana, your little camera pulled off a great pic:)


  1. What a fantastic photo! I’d say it’d be awesome for Christmas! LOL It’s still chilly enough for me to be thinking of it!

  2. What a lovely photo! Blow that up and hang it on your wall!

  3. I used to live in Duluth when I was younger. I remember the beaches! I now live on the other side of L. Superior in Michigan. Great family Pic!

  4. Awesome family photo!

  5. That looks so relaxing!

  6. our cabin is right by duluth, … finlayson / askov. anyways, we head up to duluth once in a while and we love it there!!!
    ps. i love that family pic. gorgeous!

  7. That’s just an AMAZING photo! I’d have it blown up and hung on the living room wall.

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