Wordless Wednesday w/Linky- Tooth Fairy’s Arrival at Our House!


I say that the tooth fairy arrived at our house, but that isn’t entirely true.  My son, age seven, already knows the truth.  How in the heck did this happen?  He wasn’t even remotely convinced.  Therefore I didn’t even bother trying to convince him of its existence.  I did, however, swear him to secrecy for his brothers sake.  I swear I believed in the Tooth Fairy until I was 12.  I guess you always want your children to be smarted then you, I guess that has officially happened.



  1. I just love the smile! I don’t even want to think about tooth fairy stuff yet…

    Happy WW!

  2. oh, my 2 teeth in the same week! My daughter would be jealous! She has been waiting for a 2nd wiggly tooth!

  3. How fun! My daughter is dying to lose her first tooth 🙂

  4. Wow, two teeth in one week!

  5. I just love those smiles. I remember trying to keep my sister believing in the tooth fairy and Santa probably longer than she should have because I figured it meant more gifts for us if we still believed. Selfish little thing, wasn’t I.

  6. those are SUCH adorable shots!! he’s a cutie!!

    (and both my girls still believe, just turned 7 and 11, or well the 11 yr old hasn’t said otherwise, maybe she’s just going along with it..hmm)

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