WOW Toys Harvey Harvester Review & Stanley Street Sweeper Giveaway


Until I had kids of my own I had limited knowledge of toy companies.  Sure, I knew the few major ones I grew up with, Mattel for my favorite Barbies and my boys cousins always liked their Hot Wheels cars.  But living in the country of North Dakota my toys choices were limited.  Back before the internet my parents could only purchase what was available at our local stores.  This was in the time before a Walmart stores were around in surplus.  It is hard to remember that far back;)

Today my children have limitless options when selecting their toys.  Products from companies all around the world can be on my doorstep in days.  For instance I recently received a WOW Toys Harvey Harvester from a toy company in Great Britain.  WOW is a new company for me, but has been around since 1997 and has a loyal and rising fan base.  Perhaps you were already in the “know” about these battery free quality toys, but I was excited by this discovery.

When our package arrived my two and half year old was ecstatic.

I can’t exactly blame him as the packaging looks impressive.

The box certainly has a “wow” factor!  (Pun completely intended)

Okay, okay time to take it out of the box….

My son wasted no time “getting to work”.  When I discovered that the toy did not contain any batteries I was relieved, but skeptical.  Relieved because there is nothing more annoying than a loud battery operated toy.  Don’t we all have one of those toys that “magically” disappears.  I think we might own several of these:)  But I was skeptical because while battery operated toys can be annoying they do provide quite a bit of entertainment for my children.  Would this toy be fun without any battery operated functions?  Quickly I learned the answer was definitely- YES!

The real entertainment value of this toy comes in two various ways- the rotating header and the hay bale feature.  The header portion rotates around and around with little plastic corn inside.  This part is not removable which I think is perfect (I will tell you why in a bit). And while the header is for grain not corn, I’m guessing this fact will be lost on most people.  The second part is the hay bale feature.  This part may not phase many people, however I was quickly confused.  Ummmm….combines/harvesters don’t create hay bales.  Yep, farm girl here.  My parents were farmers until I was 18, I literally grew up around and in combines.  The idea that hay bales come from combines is ridiculous and I can envision many farm families finding this toy laughable.  That being said, I’m sure city people would have no idea:)

And while this feature is completely unrealistic it is fun.  Feed the bales into my automatic baler and watch as they cleverly drop out as I drive along.  Imagine my sons surprise when he figured this out.  I certainly understand the entertainment factor involved and from that aspect it is brilliant.

While my youngest son and his two older brothers were delighted with this new toy, I knew I needed to give it a real test.  The three boy test.  My guys are not overly abusive to their toys, but they are well….boys.  Toys get dropped, crashed, and smashed on a regular basis at my house all in the name of fun or an accident.  When my eldest son was younger we received a John Deere combine toy.  John Deere is among the priciest and best of real farm equipment, therefore I expect the same quality from our toy model.  (It certainly had the hefty price tag associated with John Deere too) Unfortunately it didn’t take long at all for pieces to start breaking.  Actually I’m not even sure that the header ever worked properly.  The idea was that you could place either a corn or grain header on the toy.  The feeder head raised and lowered, but this function never worked well either.  Ultimately I had to make the combine headerless and I would rank it among our worst quality toys.

So how did this Wow Toys Harvey Harvester hold up in my household?  Exceedingly well!  Perfectly, in fact.  Not long after it was out of the box and it took a hard tumble on our tile floor, but with no drama and no broken pieces!  Woo hoo!

The spinning header works great and I’m so thankful that it doesn’t come off for reasons stated above.   After over a week of all boy play, plus a careful examination by me, I am convinced this is a quality toy.  It does not have a cheap feel to it.  Do you know what I mean?  Some toys have a cheap plastic feel.  You just know it is going to break.  This Harvey Harvester feels solid and is obviously made from quality plastic.

WOW Toys has a full line of products available for sale for boys and girls.  Baby toys, bath toys and a variety of complete little “world” including-  construction, emergency, fantasy, farm, furniture, holiday & adventure, racing cars, safari, town, and special limited editions.

So how do you get your hands on these well constructed toys?  They are made in Great Britain, but you can simply purchase them from Amazon!  Gotta love Amazon🙂

Make sure to also connect with WOW Toys via Facebook and Twitter to keep up-to-date with the latest news.

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  1. This is really cute!
    Thank you!

  2. Carrie Phelps says

    This is so cute that I tried to find a way to purchase it locally, no such luck. I care for a pair of siblings who’s parents/grandparents own a street sweeping company so this would be one BIG hit! Thanks for the great giveaway.

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