Zometool- Creator 1 Review & a Giveaway


Made for kids, used by Nobel laureates. Zometool is the smart building “toy” that connects art, science and play.

I review a lot of items.  And currently about 85% of the items I review are being stored in my raffle box.  Once a year my son’s preschool holds a gigantic carnival and raffle to raise money for financially disadvantaged children.  This year, a friend and I are in charge organizing the raffle.  Yes, it is handy that I receive a multitude of items.   Unfortunately, for my children it is a lot of “look at this!” and then I quickly whisk it away.

As soon as I showed this amazing, imaginative based toy to my five year old son, he asked with trepidation, “Mom, are we going to keep this?”.  His comment was so cute and I immediately smiled, because I knew this toy was a perfect fit for my boys. Certainly, there was no doubt we would be keeping this toy!

What is Zometool’s Creator 1?  It has such an usual name…

Creator 1 is a plastic case full of various sized plastic pieces.  Simple. Brilliant.  And my boys idea of creation heaven.  My boys love to build their own ideas from toys.  I’m not sure if it’s a boy thing, as I know I didn’t play with toys in this manner.  But my boys must build.  They must create.  When they saw the contents of this Creator 1 box, there was a collective gasp of awe and then an immediate frenzy of building.  I had to clear out of the way so the creativity could have full reign!

After I snapped a few shots, I decided to capture a few of the phrases being shouted, shrieked, and proclaimed as they built.

“This is going to blow your mind!”

“I’m making a big creature.”

“I need to make my own spaceship.”

“This is my biggest battleship.”

Again, if you look at the contents- there are no battleships.  There are no spaceships.  Zometool products and system kits foster imagination and originality.  With this type of toy the options are limitless.  Yes, there are instructions and directions on how to create specific items, but my boys were not interest in this option.  They are the same way with Legos.  They might create the object meant to be made, but usually they will just do their own thing.

These smart building kits are the sort of toys that help create future scientists!

For kids that may be intrigued by science, architecture, art or engineering, or anyone who likes to ponder with hands-on engagement these Zometool toys are a perfect fit.

I must admit prior to this review I had never heard of Zometool.  They are not the type of toys that are available at your local Target store unfortunately.  Of course, in this day and age everything is available thanks to the internet!

Even my three year old, limited by his age, still had a wonderful time building with his big brothers.

As you can see my eight year old takes the matter very seriously!

Made in Colorado, these Zometool toys have unsurprisingly received a multitude of toy awards.  With names like Creator 1 ($59), Ice Crystals & Stars ($25), The Buckyball ($29) and Pyramid Puzzle ($10), the Zometool patented product line is both fun and focused and can be enjoyed solo or with the whole family.  Kids open the box, start to build and then pause. That moment of “hmmm” is the door to discovery; “figuring it out” is the addicting pleasure of every Zometool toy.

View the entire range of products available at Zometool.  And connect via Facebook and Twitter for additional information.  And until November 30th, Mama Report reader will can receive 15% off their order and FREE shipping!  Use coupon code- Mamareport at checkout!

One lucky Mama Report reader will win a Zometool toy of their own!  One winner will have the choice to select either Crazy Bubbles or Pyramid Puzzle.











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I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.


  1. Christina Oddy says

    my son would love the CRAZY BUBBLES!

  2. Kelly Ann T. says

    I would like the Advanced Math Creator 4 for my classroom.

  3. katklaw777 says

    My son would like the Advanced Math Creator 4…very cool!

  4. renee walters says

    CREATOR 1 would be great!

  5. carol gentry says

    My grandkids would love the Hyperdo

  6. Ann Fantom says

    My daughter would love Zometool’s Creator 3

  7. My son would like the Molecular Mania set.

  8. he might like Crazy bubbles

  9. The ice and stars model!

  10. Crazy Bubbles

  11. courtney hennagir says

    my son would love the ice crystals and stars kit

  12. Sandy VanHoey says

    I liked the creator 1

  13. He would like CRAZY BUBBLES !

  14. Definitely Crazy Bubbles!

  15. My children would be most interested in the Creator 1 kit

  16. the superdoo

  17. Crazy bubbles!

  18. I think he’d like pyramid puzzle.

  19. Megan Parsons says

    My son would love the CREATOR 3

  20. I like the advanced math creator 4!

  21. my nephew would love these

  22. Heather Zeh says

    My son would love Creator 1

  23. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says

    I think they’d love THE SUPERDO

  24. Gee there’s so much cool stuff there I got lost for a bit. I think the Ice Crystals and Stars package would be great for them.

  25. CREATOR 3 would be fun for the whole family

  26. The Dome Bundle looks fun!

  27. I would like Creator 1 for the inner city program I help out at

  28. Debra Hall says

    i like the CRAZY BUBBLES

  29. creator 3

  30. Actually I like the one you have. I’m trying to win some boy toys to give to alittle boy who has Lukemia. It’s my daughter’s friend’s 4 yr old. Him and his brother’s would love stuff like this. Thank you for the awesome giveaway! 🙂

  31. Carrie Phelps says

    My grandsons love building! They would enjoy the ICE CRYSTALS AND STARS building set.

  32. probably the Crazy Bubbles kit

  33. Francine Anchondo says


  34. I think my son would like the Animal Virus!

  35. Mary Somerville says

    I think they would like the Molecular Mania Project Kit!

  36. bubble bumble

  37. Ashley Sifers says

    THE SUPERDO looks fun!

  38. kate foster says

    I’d love to give my daughter the Creator 3 kit so we could build stuff together!

  39. Michelle Carnaghi says

    My son would LOVE the Crazy Bubbles or the Ice Crystals & Stars 😉

  40. My son would love creator 3

  41. I would like to play with the ice-crystals and stars set.

  42. She’d like crazy bubbles.

  43. My little builder would really like the Ice Crystals and Stars.

  44. I’d like Advanced Math Creator 4 for my oldest son

  45. Natosha Zachary says

    I think the Creator 1 is a great bundle of everything my son would need to get started.

  46. sindy murray says

    I like the NAKED CREATOR 3!

  47. Jennifer Clay says

    I think that my girls would like the crazy bubbles

  48. My son would love the crazy bubbles.

  49. Stephanie Larison says

    The pyramid puzzle looks like fun

  50. Tiffany Overton says

    My kids would love the Crazy Bubbles. They would have endless hours of fun!

  51. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    The Buckyball
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  52. Carolyn A Colley (Griffith, Smith) says

    The Creator 1 would be the most appropriate for my grandchildren.

  53. I like that you can get it in bulk parts.

  54. My son would love the ice crystals and stars!

  55. Crazy Bubbles

  56. Becky Grayson says

    The kids would love the Ice Crystals and Stars. They have some great kits!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  57. Hyperdo would be my choice for my kids. Thanks for the chance to win.

  58. Christy Anderson says

    The The Hyperdo looks really cool…and time consuming! 😉

  59. The Creator 3.

  60. Creator 1 looks perfect!

  61. My son would like the hyperdo

  62. Audra Weathers says

    My daughter would like the ice crystals and stars project kit.

  63. My children would like the advanced math kit 4. Thanks for the chance.

  64. sharon gullikson says

    I think that the crazy bubbles would be great.

  65. Plato’s Solids would be their favorite, I think.

  66. Adrianne Braun says

    The Bubble Bundle

  67. Kimberly Schotz says

    I like the SuperDo

  68. ADVANCED MATH CREATOR 4 would be awesome!

  69. So creative!

  70. My son would like the buckyball.

  71. He’d love a WORKSHOP KIT. The more parts the better for him.

  72. My boys would love the Superdo

  73. My granddaughter would love the Buckyball. Looks fun!

  74. Kim Pollock says

    My son would love the crazy bubbles

  75. I love the Naked Creator 3

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  76. How cool. Plato’s solids if I had to pick a favorite

  77. naked creator 4 looks great
    tcogbill at live dot com

  78. The creator 1 would be perfect for my daughter.

  79. crazy bubbles!

  80. Diane Andrews says

    The ice crystals and stars kit would be perfect for my kids.

  81. The SuperDo

  82. the hyperdo looks like it would be a challenge

  83. Linda Greene says

    My little builder would be most interested in the Bubble Bundle.

  84. Heidi Daily says

    Creator 3

  85. CHristine JEnsen says

    my boys would like the buckyball kit

  86. My kids would love the Hyperdo.

  87. Joyce Raymond says

    I think that I would trust them and get Creater 1.

  88. Golden Storm says

    i think my son would love the ADVANCED MATH CREATOR 4

  89. My son would love the THE SUPERDO

  90. the creater kit because imagination is endless

  91. the creater kit because imagination is endless

  92. Audrey Griffis says

    i love the crazy bubbles

  93. Jennifer Reed says

    The ICE CRYSTALS AND STARS kit looks fun.

  94. The advanced math creator

  95. Love the bubble bundle for my kids

  96. The Superdo kit

  97. SuperDo

  98. i’d like to add the Advanced Math Bundle to my homeschool toys!

  99. The Superdo or Molecular Kit.

  100. Crazy bubbles would be the funnest

  101. Marty Harris says

    I think he would like the ADVANCED MATH CREATOR 4

  102. Tara Liebing says

    My son would also love the Superdo set

  103. of course the STEM+ KIT would be awesome to have

  104. My boys would love this!

  105. My kids would like crazy bubbles

  106. Crazy bubbles!

  107. Christian Alejandro N. says

    I would say Crazy Bubbles.

  108. the Molecular Kit kit

  109. We have a hoberman sphere at home so the superdo is perfect.

  110. I think the Bubble bundle would be fun for my boys.

  111. domestic diva says

    The crazy bubbles would be a big hit here.

  112. serena ames says


  113. Creator 1. These kits look fun to work with.

  114. I think my son would like the Creator 1 set.

  115. The SuperDo.

  116. creator 1

  117. The Crazy Bubbles

  118. The Bucky Ball would be on my list!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  119. Jessica Rose says


  120. my daughter would like crazy bubbles.

  121. My son would love the Superdo.

  122. the ice and starts model

  123. susan varney says

    hyperdo would be fun mverno@roadrunner.com

  124. Sarah Oldre says

    Creator 3 looks fun!

  125. I love the Ice Crystals and Stars!

  126. Crazy Bubbles Looks awesome!!


  128. the Molecular Kit

  129. She would have fun with any of the Creator kits

  130. We would love the The Hyperdo.

  131. rochelle johnson says

    STEM+ Kit
    any of them would thrill him, he loves to build

  132. My daughter would love The SuperDo.

  133. Bubble Bundle

  134. Advanced Math Creator for my daughter!


  135. I love the look of the “SUPERDO”! So much fun!

  136. I like the Super Do

  137. My grandkids would love the Hyperdo

  138. Richard Hicks says

    would like the Advanced Math Creator 4

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  139. He would love the Creator 3 Shuttle Supplement 🙂

  140. My daughter would like ICE CRYSTALS AND STARS

  141. She would like the Phage Virus

  142. Vikki Billings says

    My grandson would love this kit, Green Lines

  143. My four year old would LOVE the Crazy Bubbles! He loves to build! What an amazing product!

  144. Cassandra M says
  145. I like the creator 3 kit for my son!

  146. Melina Ramirez says

    Ice Crystals and Stars

  147. kathy pease says

    i like the The Buckyball

  148. He would like to make the superdo!

  149. susan smoaks says

    our son would enjoy the pure carbon kit!

  150. CREATOR 1 looks great

  151. My son loves math so he would be interested in the Advanced Math Creator 4. Never seen anything like that. Interesting!

  152. crazy bubbles

  153. Creator 1

  154. THe Superdo looks fun.

  155. Cheryl Reinhardt says

    I think the Workshop Kit

  156. Kellie Conklin says

    My builder would love The SuperDo! These are very cool and would be great in a classroom, thanks!

  157. my grandson’s would love this toy. They love building things

  158. My son would love the pyramid puzzle.

  159. rosanna hogan says

    This looks fuun! I bet my 2 year old daughter and my hubs and I would all enjoy doing something like this! 🙂

  160. my nephew would totally be into the- The Dome Bundle

  161. The creator 1 starter kit.

  162. they would also like the bucky ball

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