Blue Velvet Mini Cakes for the 4th of July

First things first, this recipe is not a made by scratch story. This entire post was inspired by a box of blue cake that my youngest sweet-loving son spied in the grocery store.  The box in the picture above lead to the picture below...... No, you can't stuff these entire mini cakes in your mouth, but he sure did try.  If you are looking for a relatively easy recipe to bring to a picnic or family gathering this 4th of July, these cakes make for a pretty way to decorate a table. Rather than baking the cake in a normal cake pan, I used a cake sheet pan. I forgot to … [Read more...]

Best Things for Kids in Myrtle Beach

This post was created in partnership with the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce, opinions are my own.  Since we live in the Minneapolis area it might not seem that Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is a go-to destination for family fun. But Spirit airlines has a new direct flight to this coastal town and within a couple of hours snowbound Minnesota residents can be at the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. This April my crew and I explored this vacation town. Myrtle Beach Bound!  This was our first time in South Carolina so I had no previous level of understanding of the area or … [Read more...]

Family-Friendly Captain’s Quarters Resort in Myrtle Beach

This post was created in partnership with the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce, opinions are my own. Myrtle Beach is a family friendly city with lots to see and do, but a visit to Captain's Quarters Resort is a destination within itself. Multiple indoor and outdoor pools, a lazy river, a bowling alley, an arcade, restaurants, whirlpool hot tubs, an outdoor kiddie waterpark, ocean view rooms and, of course, the mighty Atlantic Ocean just a few feet away make Captain's Quarters a great place to stay when visiting Myrtle Beach!  There are lots of different room configurations, so … [Read more...]

Best Places to Eat Myrtle Beach

This post was created in partnership with the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce, opinions are my own.  If you follow me on Instagram you probably noticed that we recently visited the ocean town of Myrtle Beach.  A direct flight from Minneapolis to Myrtle Beach had us at the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in just a few hours. I'll be highlighting some of the must-see things to see and do in Myrtle Beach, but first I wanted to feature where to eat.  My boys are getting older now {ages 13, 10 and 8} and are no longer in the high maintenance baby or toddler stage, so eating … [Read more...]

Best Places to Stay Near Duluth, Minnesota

A visit to Duluth is a Minnesota staple. Unlike other ares in the state, Duluth and the surrounding shores of Lake Superior offer locals the chance to steps away from the typical Midwest look and feel. Duluth and the North Shore is distinct with it's rocky cliffs and deep expansive lake. Visiting in the summer and fall is my go-to, but it's certainly a destination year long.  Having visited this area since I was a child, I've stayed at a plethora of different places. Some locations have been extraordinary while others have been unmemorable. Of course, the season of your visit will have … [Read more...]

FREE Easter Printable Jokes: Seasonal Lunch Notes

Click here for the printable PDF version Adding simple little notes to your child's lunchbox or backpack is a great way to insert a giggle or smile into their day. These Easter printables from Angela of The Inspiration Edit are a easy way to add a little surprise. Check out the Inspiration Edit for lots of creative and fun DIY ideas {the sort, of which, you won't find at my site, lol}.  Click here for the printable PDF version  Of course your options with these printables are endless. They don't have to be used as lunch or backpack notes. Print a set to use for Easter … [Read more...]

Pumpkin & Chocolate Cookies

I realize it's not exactly pumpkin spice season. But it seems like a pity to only enjoy this enjoyable taste during the fall season. Also to be perfectly honest, I purchased a ginormous box of Pumpkin Spice bread mix from Costco after the fall season on discount. We've had pumpkin spice waffles and pumpkin spice next on the agenda was pumpkin spice cookies. The boys may never want pumpkin spice again, ever.  Krusteaz calls these cookies "mountains". Mine certainly didn't turnout like little mountains. So I'm forgoing the name mountain from the … [Read more...]

Dog Sitting with Care from

This post was created in partnership with, all opinions are my own.  This is Dougie. He's a labradoodle that thinks he is a little boy. He's a dog that doesn't seem to understand he weighs 110lbs and maybe shouldn't frolic around the house. He's a member of the family and my boys adore him.  Most of the time we are at home. I even work from home. But sometimes we need to travel and when we do Dougie has to find lodging elsewhere. Previously I've had Dougie stay at a local kennel. They are super friendly and I know they take good care of my dog. But it's … [Read more...]

Best Uses for Candles

This post was created in collaboration with David Oreck Candle Co., all opinions are my own.  People have been using candles for over a millennia. Obviously we no longer need candles merely to light our world, instead they have evolved to serve difference purposes.  As a longtime candle connoisseur, I've honed in on my best uses for candles in this modern age.  Before I dive into my preferred scenarios for using a candle let me briefly call attention to the reality that not all candles are created equal. The candle market is booming these days. Selecting a … [Read more...]

Minnesota Moms Earn Flexible Pay with Shipt

This post was created in partnership with Shipt, all opinions are my own.  While I currently have a full-time corporate job back when my fellas were babies and cute little toddlers I was a stay-at-home mom. For nine years my dedicated work was taking care of three little boys and managing our household. During that time I especially enjoyed attempting to perfect my cooking skills, reading tons of books to the boys and charting fun adventures for us all. But eventually what I longed for was the ability to contribute financially to the family. But with three boys age 5 and under my … [Read more...]

Smart Pot Lemon Garlic Parmesan Risotto

 I have received compensation for this post, however all opinions are my own. Included within this post are affiliate links that help support my site.  If you ever visited Pinterest or if you have any interest in cooking, I'm sure you've heard of the an Smart Pot. It's the new trendy name for a pressure cooker. It's essentially a new take on a long old-time kitchen staple. Anything that is overly popular or currently in vogue is sure to leave me running for the hills. I innately resist succumbing to the generalized mindset of the masses, at least initially. However once the … [Read more...]

Camping & Backpacking PackPillow & a Giveaway

I have received compensation for this post, however all opinions are my own. It's winter in Minnesota and must of us are not camping, that is unless you are truly a hardcore outdoor lover. That being said the boys and I had a great summer camping at some of our favorite spots and we look forward to doing the same next year. But this coming summer we have a new camping essential on our packing list~ the PackPillow.  {Dreaming of summer fun and trying not to freeze.}  The PackPillow is more than just a pillow. It's a seat cushion, a backpack and a pillow all rolled into … [Read more...]

Tips to Help Kids Learn How to Tie Their Shoes

This post was created in partnership with Disney-Hyperion for the #ReadMo Ambassador program, all opinions are my own. It's officially winter time here in Minnesota. The ground is white, the air is freezing and we live most of our days inside now. Clearly I staged the photo above and below with our collection of Mo Willems books, but gathering all titles of from one of your favorite authors is a great way to spend a lazy winter afternoon.  One of the latest releases from the Elephant & Piggie Like Reading! series is It’s Shoe Time! by Bryan … [Read more...]

Selecting a Baby Name

I have received compensation for this post, however all opinions are my own.  Trying to determine the name for your baby can be overwhelming. I might have envied a few friends that knew what their child's names were going to be back when we were in college. And just like clockwork when their children were born their long-known name was bestowed.  For the rest of us, we've search high and low for inspiration. Back when my first son was born there were a few websites dedicated to baby names, but the internet at that time wasn't quite the machine it is now. {Yes, I'm … [Read more...]

Air Fryer Parmesan Cumin Zucchini Fries with Herb Dipping Sauce & a Giveaway

I have received compensation for this post, however all opinions are my own. Included within this post are affiliate links that help support my site.  One of the latest kitchen gadgets that is "on trend" this holiday season is an air fryer. I don't own a regular oil fryer. No judgement, but it seemed to me that owning an oil fryer was a one way ticket to bad health. But an air fryer? No vast amounts of oil involved? This I had to try.  This particular air fryer is from Gourmia and find the latest model available on Amazon. The instructions are straight forward. And even … [Read more...]