The Little Mermaid Diamond Edition Blu-ray Combo Pack Review

The Little Mermaid is classic Disney.  I was twelve years old when this movie debuted and beyond the target age, but I was entranced nonetheless.  I have a confession to make.  I haven't always been a Disney fan.  Some of the early Disney animated films didn't resonate with me.  Pocahontas irks this history teacher.   But there is no denying my affinity for The Little Mermaid.  Now (as of October 1st) The Little Mermaid is available on Blu-ray.  I remember being completely dazzled as a child, I knew my youngest son was going to be amazed.  The music, colors, and lively & funny … [Read more...]

The Croods DVD Door Hanger & Picture Frame & a Giveaway #TheCroodsDVD

You don't have to wait much longer to see the animated movie, The Croods.  Available on October 1st, this family film is on my family's must see list! When their cave is destroyed, the Croods set out to explore a spectacular landscape filled with fantastic creatures, strange surprises…and a whole new world of adventure!  As they begin to conquer their fear of the outside world, they discover that they have exactly what it takes to survive – each other. Check out these fun additions below (picture hangers & picture frames).  Just click on the image to see a larger … [Read more...]