T-fal 12-piece Cookware Review

  If you remember my preview post (available here) I've partnered together with Cooking Planit, T-fal, and a bunch of awesome bloggers for a mega cookware set.  Get all the details and see how to enter to win NOW by visiting my previous post.  Starting on September 10th, you'll want to visit The Mama Report for your chance to win this awesome cookware. But before you have a chance to win (at least via The Mama Report) I wanted to fill you in on this cooking set.  There is something so exciting about new cookware.  This set includes 12 pieces which basically means your entire … [Read more...]

Easy Mac & Cheese Veggie Chicken Casserole & a Giveaway #CountryCrockCasserole

I have been compensated for this post, all opinions expressed are my own. While in high school most of us strive to be part of the "cool" club.  That unspoken, but obvious assumption regarding status and popularity is a learning process that all must face.  At some point as an adult, hopefully you learn it just doesn't matter. It is much better to embrace the inner geek. If you want to be a board game fanatic, why not? If you want to paint miniatures, go for it. If you want to cross-stitch til your fingers bleeding, do it! Me? I'm a new member of the Country Crock … [Read more...]

It is Good to Know for Delicious Recipe Inspiration! #COOKWITHSPREADS

In my last post, I featured how to make this yummy Pizza-Styled Grilled Cheese from It is Good to Know.  As you can see it turned out magnificently.  Could there really be any question as to how yummy this would taste?  I think not.  But as they say, the proof is in the pudding. The results?  You might see just a blue-eyed boy with a wide smile in the photo below, but I see a boy with a smile that says "Mom, hurry up!  This sandwich is delicious and you are distracting me!".  A mom knows these things. I made one of these little sandwiches for myself and I can personally … [Read more...]