4 Simple Tips to Create Your Best Easter Meal

I have been compensated for this content, all opinions are my own. In my early twenties I remember hosting some of my first holiday meals. It was an exciting and fun time, but it was also stressful. The only truly way to learn is through trial and error. You just don't know anything until you try it. So I dove headfirst into preparing Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving meals. Now, many years later {how did I get so old?!} I have quite a bit of experience. I'm no professional, but with time comes wisdom. Well, at least that's what I strive for.  Families have different customs and … [Read more...]

Easy & Delicious Sandwiches with Ecce Panis

We enjoy eating a traditional Easter feast- ham, mashed potatoes, asparagus, and deviled eggs.  But once the formal meal is over, it's time for our go-to evening meal.  Thanksgiving has turkey sandwiches and of course, Easter has ham sandwiches.  Typically my family purchases a ham large enough to provide meals for almost the entire week after Easter.  Sure, you can create all sorts of various dishes with ham, but my fellas just prefer a simple and tasty sandwich.  There must be something innately primal for males in regards to sandwiches....well, at least this seems to be true at my … [Read more...]