Back-to-School Rules for Being a Kid

This post has been created as part of my partnership with Popsicle®, all opinions are entirely my own.  After Labor Day weekend school begins in the state of Minnesota. During this first month the temperature is bound to be summer-like one week and chilly the next.  And just like the variance in climate, these first few weeks of school can create a mixture of emotions. There are first day jitters and the excitement of making new friends, and the sudden shock that school is EVERY day.  There is no more sleeping in, no more endless hours of play.  It's time to … [Read more...]

Summer Isn’t Over Yet with Rules for Being a Kid Guidebook

This post has been created as part of my partnership with Popsicle®, all opinions are entirely my own.  Back to school shopping is on my agenda and I've even spotted Halloween decorations in some stores, but summer isn't over yet! I live in Minnesota.  Let's be realistic, snow isn't too far off on the horizon.  Thankfully we have a few more weeks to enjoy summer fun. Inspired by Popsicle® Rules for Being a Kid Guidebook my little fellas have embraced the "Get Wet Rule".  They recently completed swimming lessons, but any form of water fun is their favorite. … [Read more...]

POPSICLE® Rules For Being A Kid Guidebook

I have been compensated for this post, all opinions are my own.   Most of us should embrace our inner child a bit more often.  If you happen to actually be around children on regular basis you might be inspired to dive into the fun.  Or you might be caught up in the do's, the don'ts, and the musts.  It is hard not to be sucked into the responsibilities of life.   My boys seek fun openly and play everyday.  In fact if they don't have sufficient time for free imaginative play everyday- they become very crabby.  Life is limitless in many aspects … [Read more...]

Sometimes It’s the Little Things

There are grande moments in life. And well..... those moments are grande. But mostly life is made up of small moments that make us happy, that brighten our day.  They don't have to be jaw-dropping. Instead they are simple and sweet. They can bring us a sense of calm or a subtle smile to the lips.   For me those moments include appreciating the fallen leaves on a chilly autumn morning.   And discovering that my husband has washed the dishes. Hooray!  For my husband those little moments include discovering a new well-made board game. Or discovering a … [Read more...]

The Dog Days are Over & a $25 Target G.C. Giveaway

The dog days of summer are officially over at my house.  Within less than a  24 hour time span the temperature dropped from a humid 85 degrees to a crisp 46 degrees.  Welcome to Minnesota!:) Luckily before the autumn weather was upon us we managed to enjoy a few more summer days. Highlights of the season include running under the sprinkler, swimming lessons, nature camp, an epic ocean-bound family vacation, and of course enjoying a few sweet treats.  School has started and with it brings a multitude of responsibilities- homework, volunteer commitments, and a more intense work … [Read more...]