Matchbox Heroes Wanted $60,000 College Scholarship!

This post was published as part of a sponsored campaign with MomSelect. All opinions are my own. Little boys dream of being super heroes.  This is just a simple truth.  As the mom of three little guys I can attest it is an innate part of who they are.  They love to fight bad guys in any way, shape or form.  For some of our little boys these dreams turn into reality when they grow up.  Many boys are actual firefighters, police officers, and soldiers in training. Personally, I'm well protected:) Matchbox®, the company that creates toys are little guys love, is celebrating it's … [Read more...]

PetSmart’s NEW “Bad to the Bone” Apparel Giveaway!

PetSmart (the leading source for all things pet related) has just released their new line of doggie apparel- Bad to the Bone. Ha, ha. While we don't have a pet yet, I get such a kick out of seeing the creations from PetSmart. They make owning a pet fun and clearly they understand that taking care of a pet is almost like having a little child:) If your dog is “Bad to the Bone” – they can now wear it with pride. PetSmart has exclusively teamed up with Lyric Culture, a line already popular with celebrities for its men’s and women’s clothing and accessories, to offer ready-to-wear apparel for … [Read more...]

Mega Bloks® Whirl ‘n Twirl™ Review & Giveaway

Ride-able little vehicles have been very popular in my kitchen the last few months.  My five and three year old love riding around the center island in my kitchen.  Sometimes my oldest will push my youngest as fast as he can, while my five year old tries to keep up.  Yep, it's crazy at my house.  I would put the kibosh on such activities, but gosh, they just love it.  Sometimes a mom needs to turn a blind eye to crazy antics, right? We recently received the Mega Bloks Whirl'n Twirl race car to test.  Obviously, my three year old was more than willing.  The recommended age for this fun … [Read more...]

Prime Time International’s HydroBlaster Max Review & Giveaway

It is summer here in North Dakota and for our family that means weekends at my in-law's lake home.  Almost every weekend  you can find my family at the lake and my kids absolutely love playing on the beach or in the water.  What is a staple for our son at the beach?  Well, water guns are one of the essentials that are needed at the lake.  On a warm weekend it does feel kind of good to be squirted with a pool toy, but don't tell my kids that!  We have tried all sorts of squirt guns, but a lot of them are too hard for our son to operate.  He is currently 5 1/2, but he has very loose joints, so … [Read more...]