The Amazing Spider-Man Vudu Party! #SpiderManWMT #CBias

My husband has a group of gamer geek friends who like to gather together usually once every Thursday for game playing and male bonding.  Occasionally the group meets at my house.  When they do, I disappear.  I'm not one of those girls who strives to fit in with the guys.   I know my place and it clearly does not belong in a room with six- beer drinking, game board playing, professional men. That all changed this Thursday night.  I hosted an  Amazing Spider-Man Vudu Party for my husband and his friends.  I was willing to crash the guys night for the sake of Spider-Man.  I have personally … [Read more...]

Easy & Versatile Del Monte Fruit Cups #SmartSnack #CBias

How do you eat your Del Monte fruit cups?  The cookies above were made with the new Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Diced Peaches.  Yes, I added Del Monte Diced Peaches to my cookies and they taste fabulous. They are a perfect afternoon snack. You must think I'm a Martha Stewart kind of mother.  Always perfection.  Always on task.  Always ahead of the game. I wish!  Let me show you my reality.  My early morning scrounge for my son's lunch, my grumpy lack of caffeinated face, and my fruit cup stealing children.  Getting into the back to school schedule can be tough. This is the story of … [Read more...]

Spring Has Arrived With TCBY! (#CBias #TCBYGrocery)

When I was young, I had to drive 40 miles one way just to enjoy the delicious goodness of TCBY.  And the drive was uphill both ways! Just kidding:)   But obviously, it was not convenient for my family living in rural North Dakota to eat this yummy frozen yogurt.  Times have changed and now TCBY is available at your local Walmart!  How exciting is that?! My local Minnesota Walmart store just received their shipment in this past Tuesday.  They were a little surprised when I showed up with an agenda for mass quantities of frozen yogurt! I was delighted by all the pint sized … [Read more...]

International Delight Nighttime Coffee Klatch (#CBias #IcedCoffee)

This past Saturday night was movie night at my house.  I gathered a few girlfriends for treat eating, movie watching, gossip telling, and of course iced coffee drinking. But before I tell you about the party let me back up a minute.  The entire week before the party I had all three containers (Vanilla, Mocha, and Original)  of International Delight Iced Coffee in my refrigerator on the top shelf.  Every time I opened the frig there they were staring back at me.  I was dying with curiosity.  What would they taste like?  I had a sneaky suspicion I was really going to like them.  Finally the … [Read more...]