6 Ways to Make Your Family Getaway Simple


Planning a family getaway is a great way to gather the family and keep them engaged with age-
appropriate activities. A beach family getaway, for example, offers breathtaking views of the
ocean while the family gets quality time and enjoys some fun.

Every trip has its challenges however. Traveling with your family is particularly challenging when
trying to contain every member into the trip while ensuring they get fun. But with a few tricks, some
of which are logistical and others attitudinal, you can set your family on course for a wonderful

1. Take advantage of the services

Everyone understands the hassle that comes with traveling with kids as opposed to when alone or in
a company of several other adults. Many airlines and resorts make deliberate steps to ensure you
and your family enjoy some quite cool time.

Take a moment to find out the features and offers for family travel and accommodation. When you
get specialized service for those with kids, don’t hesitate to grab it. Most facilities offer a special line
for those with kids. Even the government screening departments screen children differently from adult travelers. There are always services designed for those traveling with families, so do your homework now and sail smoothly throughout your family getaway.

2. Consider the climate
I have traveled to various places around the world and I can tell you it’s really difficult to tell what
the climate will likely to be. But at least there is something you can do to prepare for the same.

For instance, what do you expect when you travel to India? It is likely to be hotter there than you’re
used to.  Alternatively, you may plan to purchase local gear—locals are likely to guide you in choosing
local weather appropriate gear.

3. Accommodate the kids

Jet lag is bad for adults and worse for kids. Children lack the capacity to understand what’s really happening, so they depend on you to help them cope. I’ll never forget my youngest son wailing as we walked through the Honolulu airport after being woke up, from what to him was the middle of the night. 

If your trip involves crossing several time zones, ensure that you adjust your family’s eating and sleeping timetable appropriately. On arriving, keep your kids schedule fairly light. Suggestively, you should switch to your preferred schedule in the current time zone. Although everyone is tired on arrival, if you adhere to your schedule that day, it will become a lot easier in subsequent days.

4. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

I earlier said that every trip comes with its issues. Although you may not be able to prepare and plan for everything, don’t act out and dramatize the small hiccups as this leads to disappointment. 

When your family trip hands you a lemon, make lemonade. On top of giving you a stress-free time during the family getaway, it also serves as an example for your kids on how to handle travel disappointments. This lesson may make them wonderful travelers in the future, but more importantly, it makes them navigate through life without much stress.

5. Know your limits

To keep your family trip simple, go at the lowest speed of your common denominator. If for instance, you have a toddler, that’s how fast you’re going to run. If you have traveled with an old aunt, her speed becomes yours as well. You got to limit yourself to their speed. 

When you head to vacation knowing that, you’re likely to enjoy to the fullest. Then give yourself enough time for each activity and enjoy it. If you overshoot your expectations, you’ll be sure to end up frustrated. 

6. Allow for Everybody’s Temperaments

Before you even embark on your trip, think about what makes you really want to throw somebody off the boat. I assume that you know your family members pretty well, and therefore you’re familiar with their attitude or behaviors which might trigger discomfort. 

Some kids, for instance, will get hungry after spending a few hours of traveling. You need to pack some snacks and juice for them so they don’t get overly hungry. Plan the trip with everybody’s dispositions in mind, and prevent bad grumpiness from your family members.  


Taking a vacation can be a lot of work. Sometimes we come back and need a vacation from our vacation. It’s a good idea to reserve a day or two after your vacation to settle back home and get some relaxing in. Vacation do require planning so be sure to think of all your possibilities and plan for them.

Ways to Make Your Family Getaway Simple & Easier

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