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wreck-it ralph

I am officially back home and in the midst of my regular life once again.  But for three magical days I had the privileged of experiencing a once in a lifetime adventure, thanks to Disney.  If you follow the The Mama Report via Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram you are probably well informed of some of my amazing experiences:)  In the coming weeks I will be sharing all the details of my trip including my red carpet experience and all those fabulous celebrity interviews.  But first on my list is a specific portion of my Wreck-It Ralph morning at the Disney Animation Studios- motion capture.

disney animation studios

Before this visit I understood in the general sense, that the work involved in animation was complex and time consuming.   After listening to the actual creators of Wreck-It Ralph explain the process of creating motion capture, my mind went into overload mode:)  I’m no dummy.  I have a college degree.  I even graduated with honors, but I have to confess I felt like a little kid listening to the adults explain the motion capture process.  Clearly, this technology is way over my head:)

disney wreck-it ralph motion picture camera

Alex (one of the lead creators of motion picture capture for Wreck-It Ralph) kindly explained the process of adding motion to animation in a very basic manner.  I should have know this experience would be over my head, when he stated that after ten years of working with Maya (the software that adds motion capture) he still doesn’t think he understands everything.  Remember that animation is created literally from nothing.  There are no actors.  No images.  Everything needs to be created.  Today’s animation looks incredibly life-like and that is due in part to Maya.

disney wreck-it ralph motion camera

In this production room, the animators have created a digital world where they can add the motion necessary to make the film realistic.  Moving objects and adding vibrations to Maya, add texture and a degree of realism on screen.

disney wreck-it ralph motion picture capture teachme2save

My friend Leanette from Teach Me 2 Save experimenting with the technology

Here I am below trying to make sense of all this technology.  I look so serious:)  It is clear from my short visit that the animators who created this motion capture are dedicated and passionate about what they do.  But I guess that shouldn’t be surprising- if I had a part in making Wreck-It Ralph I’d be excited too:)


Look for more posts surrounding my entire #DisneyOzEvent soon!  I can’t wait to share more exciting details from my trip!  And don’t forget Wreck-It Ralph is currently available for digital download and will be available in DVD/Blu-ray on March 5th!

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My trip to the #DisneyOzEvent was funded entirely by Disney, however all opinions are my own.


  1. It really was so much fun playing with Maya to see how it worked!

  2. I love the way they create the movements when making the new cartoon movies!

  3. You get to realize all that is involved making these great movies. I had to be so much fun to be there. Have a great trip and let us know what happened . Thanks

  4. I’ve always wondered how they do the animation in movies. So cool! And I still haven’t seen Wreck-It Ralph. Looking forward to it.

  5. cindy caudle says

    what a wonderful trip how very interesting to actually talk to the people who made the movie


  7. Is this movie appropriate for little people?

  8. This looks like such a great film! I am going to get this for my nephew!!

  9. Jessica White says

    I got this movie for my kids , they love this movie!

  10. That looks like a really cool experience! Thanks for sharing!

  11. sharon gullikson says

    Cool behind the scenes…thanks for sharing.

  12. Jennifer E. says

    How fun!

  13. Looks really interesting! I would love to see “behind the scenes” on a cartoon making!

  14. Mommyofone Shanna says

    CRAZY technology !!! Looks awesome

  15. Ellen Anderson says

    Would love to have been there myself! Seems really cool to learn about!

  16. Oh my grand kids will love this movie

  17. What a great film for the whole family!

  18. Holly Thomas says

    Looking forward to seeing it soon.

  19. natalie nichols says

    That’s so cool. Thanks for sharing this!

  20. Lorayne Gothard says

    That is so neat to see how it works!!! I hope to see stuff like that when we go to disney this year!!

  21. My kids want to see this.


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