Best 5 Things to Do at Legoland, Florida


I received complimentary tickets in exchange for this post, all opinions are my own. 


A couple of weeks ago our family made the quintessential spring break visit to Florida. Our agenda included theme parks, sun, palm trees, outdoor swimming pools- all the things that Minnesota doesn’t have in April. High on my boys priority list of places to visit was Legoland, Florida. Like any boy mom I feel as though Legos have taken over my home at any given moment. It’s not surprising that a theme park dedicated to this toy would be a must-see. 

Based upon our experience I’ve pulled together our five favorite aspects of the park. One important thing to note is that I have three boys, zero girls. There were areas of the park dedicated to things pink, we just didn’t go there:>) 



By far my little guys favorite part of the park were all the Lego creations, specifically the Star Wars section. I don’t know for sure, but based upon what I saw I would suspect that every Star Wars Legos set was represented and on full display. It was my little boy’s dream come true. My littlest fellas eye grew wide and I know he was wishing that he could just get on the floor and start playing. Of course these Legos are behind ropes, they are for looking only. And with moveable parts and special effects {smoke} these Legos are in a class of their own. 


Beyond the Star Wars display was an entire world created out of Legos. I think I could have spent all day staring at all the fascinating replicas of life in Lego form. The cities, statues, towns, boats- it was a mini city of Legos. I can only imagine the satisfaction of the team that was tasked to create such a fun place. It’s hard not feeling like a kid again looking at it all. 


Sprinkled throughout the park were also various Lego displays. My littlest guy was fascinated with these creations. Outside the Mini Figure store was a snoring {literally snoring} Lego “old man”. We must have spent 10 minutes there hanging out with this clever display. 





Nestled within the park is a building dedicated to creating your very own minifigure character. Select legs, a body, arms, a head, and an accessory to make your Lego figure personalized. With careful precision and thoughtful consideration my guys set to work to create their ideal Lego character. 



The cost to build and personalize 3 characters is $10, however layered throughout the park are trading stations. My boys didn’t take part in this swap, but the idea is that if you reconsider the character you build you can trade him for a new one. These swap characters are already built {someone else’s former character} and you are merely trading them in for a different version. I had never heard of an idea like this before and I thought it was neat. My boys spent way too much time carefully constructing their character to even deeply consider trading them in for a different one:) 



Nestled under a plethora of Spanish moss was the Forestmen’s Hideout or basically an awesome play area. While my older two sons rode The Dragon {more about that next} my youngest {not a big ride fan} had a lot of fun doing what kids do best- playing. 


My two youngest guys {ages 6 & 8} love to reenact through their imagination. They see glimpses of fight scenes, inspiring worlds, or all sorts of different things and then play through recreating those scenes. Truly it’s their favorite past time. Theme parks can tend to be all about the rides, but I was happy to see this traditional play area at Legoland. My youngest son spent quite a bit of time here playing and he loved every minute of it, because he was free to use his imagination and just do some good ol’ playing. 



As previously mentioned my youngest son opted out of this ride, though he was old enough to ride it. But my two other fellas were excited to ride the dragon. A small mini-roller coaster of sorts this fun ride is nestled within Lego Kingdoms. 


According to my oldest son, the ride starts out at a slower pace with lots of Lego creations in the beginning, then the ride starts to turn and twist”. Like a traditional rollercoaster the ride was quick, but fun. 


Unfortunately there happened to be a strong rainstorm that dampened our visit to Legoland, but while it poured outside we dipped into the movie theater to watch a short film with our favorite characters from The Lego Movie. 


It wasn’t surprising at all that this short movie was such a hit with my little guys. They loved the original Lego movie and this short adventure was silly and full of interactive special effects that made you feel as though you were in the movie. {light water & wind} We ended up watching the film several times in order to ride out the storm, what a perfect place to keep kids entertained even in less than stellar weather. 


Legoland in Florida is definitely a must-see if you are visiting the Orlando area. The features listed above were our personal favorites though I can’t imagine some of the top items {Lego creations} would be a favorite for anyone. Based upon our experience I would recommend an entire day dedicated to the park. We didn’t visit the waterpark this trip, but if we visit again I am definitely making time to experience the water portion. 

Have you visited Legoland, Florida or California? What is your favorite part? Please feel free to leave a comment below. 

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  1. What a fun place! I’m going to add this to my list of places I’d love to take mydaughter!
    The Forestmen’s Hideout play area looks like a blast!

  2. Janet W. says

    This looks like so much fun to visit! My grandsons definitely need to make a trip here!

  3. Leigh Anne Borders says

    I hope to take my kids to Legoland soon. That would be such fun for them!

  4. MJ Moore says

    My kids are just getting into Legos, they would love this!

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