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This post was created in partnership with the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce, opinions are my own. 

If you follow me on Instagram you probably noticed that we recently visited the ocean town of Myrtle Beach.  A direct flight from Minneapolis to Myrtle Beach had us at the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in just a few hours. I’ll be highlighting some of the must-see things to see and do in Myrtle Beach, but first I wanted to feature where to eat. 

My boys are getting older now {ages 13, 10 and 8} and are no longer in the high maintenance baby or toddler stage, so eating out while on vacation is a much simpler exercise. Myrtle Beach has a lot of dining options for families. It seemed to me there was a pancake house on every street corner! I’ve pulled out some of our best experiences, but, for sure, there are lots more places yet to discover. 

This post is fairly long and include photos of the food so be sure to scroll down, but at a high level overview these are the places I recommend! 

Johnny D’s Waffles and Bakery 

To say that my boys like waffles is an understatement. Waffles are their preferred weekend breakfast, but they would really eat waffles every morning, if they could. Johnny D’s takes waffles to a completely new level compared to our homemade versions. 

Cinnaroll, pecan, red velvet, coconut banana french toast, bacon waffle…the list of options was very exciting for my crew. They quickly narrowed in on their preferred choice and in seemingly no time their selections were delivered. 

Cinnaroll Waffle


Pecan Waffle

Red Velvet Waffle 

There was silence at the table as the waffles were delivered and in what-felt-like-about-one-minute, the waffles were gone.  It’s been almost a week since we left Myrtle Beach, but youngest son still fondly recalls his red velvet waffle as one of the highlights of the trip.  If you plan on visiting Myrtle Beach, a stop at Johnny D’s Waffles and Bakery is a must! 


Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville 

I was well aware of the musical talents of Jimmy Buffet, but this was my first time visiting one of his chain restaurants. As I entered and I saw what appeared to be a giant blender…..our waitress confirmed it was indeed a giant blender. 

At set times out of the cloud comes a giant tequila bottle and the blender makes a large batch of margaritas. This is Margaritaville. During this time Jimmy Buffet’s classic tune plays on TV’s across the restaurant. This uniqueness was fun and the entire place {as it should per Jimmy Buffet style} was relaxed, tropical and friendly. 

The food was good, but you should come to Margaritaville for the experience. Throughout the place there are TV’s that play music videos. It should be no surprise that Jimmy Buffet is a regular feature, but there were lots of other videos as well. My boys loved observing and commenting on the music videos, it makes for great table conversation. Hahaha. Instead of crayons for the kids menu, Margaritaville includes fun moldable wax strips. My fellas love playing with these versatile and imagination-inducing toys. 

But like any restaurant, of course, the food is important! 

Club Sandwich

Crab Cake Sandwich

Kids Cheeseburger 

I loved that the kids menu had the option for apples instead of fries, a big win with lots of moms. 

Margaritaville is located at a place called Broadway at the Beach. This destination is full of lots of shopping options and well as fun entertainment for families. While we were in the area we visits Ripley’s Aquarium and Wonderworks, more on those soon! 


Pier House Restaurant 

Another great place to have a relaxing morning breakfast is the Pier House Restaurant. Situated on a pier, of course, the views of the Atlantic Ocean are beautiful. And after breakfast you can take a leisurely walk on the pier and see all the fisherman diligently trying to catch a big one! 

The a la carte items made for great selection for kids. Did I mention breakfast foods are their favorite? 

French Toast


Bacon Breakfast Sandwich on a Biscuit

Ham Breakfast Sandwich on a Biscuit 

Walking out on the pier makes for a great view of the shoreline of Myrtle Beach. 

a lovely Sunday morning stroll on the pier after breakfast 


Drunken Jack’s 

Near Myrtle Beach is the cute little unincorporated area known as Murrells Inlet. After exploring Huntington Beach State Park, which is nearby, we had a nice lunch at this seafood destination. The boys loved the pirate theme and we looked out the marsh while we ate. 

Drunken Jack’s view 

We had a little bit of seafood on our trip prior to this point, but we knew that Drunken Jack’s was the place for our Minnesota landlocked selves to partake of the sea’s bounty. 

Kids shrimp 

my oldest son is a burger aficionado and couldn’t be swayed away by seafood

a killer game of tic tac toe 

After lunch we took a nice stroll on the Marshwalk. 


Art Sushi Burger

Our first night in Myrtle Beach we had supper at the unique restaurant Art Sushi Burger. True to it’s name this destination is full of art, sushi, and burgers! The walls are stocked with local art for sale at reasonable prices and the menu is mostly split in two, with each dedicated side for burgers and for sushi. 

My burger loving oldest son, of course, ordered a burger which he loved. I’m not entirely a fan of sushi, but I did have the tempura shrimp, which was great! 

kids chicken strips at Art Sushi Burger 

Landshark Bar & Grill 

Located right next to the distinct Skywheel, Landshark is a great place to have diner before taking a ride up in the large sightseeing trip. My crew was not game for a ride on this extremely large wheel, instead we enjoyed the laid back atmosphere at Landshark. Another one of Jimmy Buffet’s restaurants, just like Margaritaville, this place has TV’s with music videos playing in the background. While the restaurant is essentially located on the beach, it wasn’t entirely super warm the day we were there so enjoying outside seating wasn’t an option. But it was easy to visualize how this place will be busy and super warm very soon. 

kids hot dog 

Shrimp Po’Boy sandwich

kids chicken tenders 

Any good vacation with kids isn’t complete without a visit to the ice cream shop! While at Broadway at the Beach we made a stop at this Kilwin’s for a sweet treat! 

Full of various kinds of chocolates and decadent treats, we headed to the back counter for ice cream! 

I’ll have more updates from our time in Myrtle Beach soon! Have you visited Myrtle Beach before? Any must-visit restaurant I didn’t have on the list? Please leave your suggestions in the comments! 


  1. Nicole Sawyer says

    Looking forward to more updates aa we have a myrtle beach vacay booked for August! đŸ™‚

  2. The one thing you’re missing is some good ol’ Southern food. There’s a lot of options, but I recommend checking out Prosser’s BBQ down in Murrell’s Inlet. It’s a buffet, so you have a good number of choices (and can fill up). It doesn’t have a crazy theme or anything, just great comfort food!

  3. Erica Vandegrift says

    The pier restaurant is EXPENSIVE for those of us not getting free meals in exchange for a review. The food is not worth the price either. You are paying for the view.

    When my family goes to Myrtle beach every year we eat at The Hard Rock Cafe which is located at Broadway at the Beach. Also, my husband has considered driving the 12 hour round trip just to get a pizza from the small pizza place in the mall. That’s right, food court pizza and it’s amazing. (No, it’s not Sbarro pizza)

    • Thanks for the comment Erica! As a Minnesotan visiting Myrtle Beach I found the view at the Pier to be worth it, but for someone a bit more local I can see where it might not be as important. Thank you for the recommendations! I’m very intrigued by the pizza! I’m thinking it must be called Corrado’s Pizza? I’ll have to try that the next time I visit!

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