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This post was created in partnership with the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce, opinions are my own. 

Since we live in the Minneapolis area it might not seem that Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is a go-to destination for family fun. But Spirit airlines has a new direct flight to this coastal town and within a couple of hours snowbound Minnesota residents can be at the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. This April my crew and I explored this vacation town.

Myrtle Beach Bound! 

This was our first time in South Carolina so I had no previous level of understanding of the area or Myrtle Beach specifically. On our flight there were groups of friends on their way for some extended weekend fun. It occurred to me that Myrtle Beach is already known as a fun place to visit for the adult crowd, but after our visit it was also quite clear that it’s a great place to visit with kids. 

{our first glimpse of palm trees!}

The Myrtle Beach airport is not gigantic and I love that. I don’t know the exact population of the area, but  Myrtle Beach has a friendly smaller town vibe to it that makes it welcoming and easy to navigate. Sometimes it can be disorientating to visit a new place and make your way around, especially with kids. Myrtle Beach was easy to explore and cloaked in a coastal Southern charm. 

So what should you see in Myrtle Beach when you visit with kids? I’ve outlined our top choices below. Full disclosure, this list isn’t comprehensive. There is much more to discover and enjoy, but I’ve highlighted our top must-see experiences. 

The Beach

It should come as no surprise my top recommendation is the beach. I’m a big fan of exploring the outdoors, especially hiking, of course. But a visit to the beach can provide hours of natural entertainment for kids. My fellas love playing in the sand and the waves. They also love looking for treasures on the shoreline. 

Numerous hours of free entertainment in the outdoors? That’s an easy win! And for Minnesota boys this level of beach entertainment is truly a treat. Sure, we have more than 10,000 lakes, but the ocean? That’s an entirely different story and amazing site to see! 

Medieval Times

Visiting a Medieval Times location has been on our list of things to do for a while. But the closest location is hours away in Illinois. My crew was excited to finally get a chance to see what this show and feast is all about. I’ll cut right to the gist of it. Medieval Times was my fella’s idea of bliss. A feast with no utensils while watching epic battles?! This is the life for them! 

The show last around two hours, but it was probably my only two hours of the trip that didn’t involve any brother “fights” or horsing around. They were riveted and entirely enthralled. The arena is divided into different groups that are assigned a specific knight to cheer. Our red knight made it to the final battle! 

After a day in the sun at Myrtle Beach, spending your evening being entertained is a recipe for a fun family vacation. 

Some little girls or grown women {as in my case, clearly} receive flowers from their knights as they prepare for battle. The show did a good job of catering the content to different level of generalized interest, keeping little boys and girls happy. 

Learn more about Medieval Times of Myrtle Beach


Apparently there are various other locations of WonderWorks, but none in the Midwest, so this was our first exposure to the franchise. WonderWorks is in simple language- a whole lotta fun! Located on Broadway at the Beach {a boardwalk of lots of shopping and fun attractions} WonderWorks is a destination within itself. Everything is hands on for kids. Learn about history, science or just have plain old fun with physical challenges. 

We wandered from one fun exhibit to another in this large building. As we entered I didn’t truly understand just how large a place it is, but it’s easy for a family to spend several hours here exploring. 

Laser tag, a ropes course, space discovery activities- the list goes on and on. I wish they had something like this when I was a kid! 

Learn more about WonderWorks at Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach! 

Atalaya Castle & Huntington Beach State Park 

Atalaya Castle may not inherently seem like a kid destination, but as a former history teacher I believe it’s important to expose children to the past. Some museums can be stuffy and hands-off and while I think kids need to experience those places too, Atalaya Castle is a great foundation for kids to imagine the past as they explore. Located just 30 minutes from Myrtle Beach, take an afternoon drive for some exploratory historical fun! 

Atalaya is the former winter home of industrialist and philanthropist Archer M. Huntington and is only left with the bare bones of the building. There is no furniture or knickknacks. Discover and explore the grounds on your own, simple plaques on the wall provide a historical context to each room. Learn, imagine and explore- this is history at it’s best! 

Incidentally the stone buildings make for a great backdrop for pictures! While we were there a family was celebrating the one year birthday of their little one with a photoshoot. Atalaya is part of Huntington Beach State Park and is the main attraction within the park itself. However nearby are the shores of the Atlantic Ocean that makes for a great picnic location, beach fun or leisurely stroll. 

Learn more about Atalaya Castle and Huntington Beach State Park

Ripley’s Aquarium 

My crew has long been fans of Ripley’s attractions, but this was our first time at a Ripley’s aquarium. I feel like aquariums are a sure hit for kids, this location being no exception. It is fascinating to get a close look at some of the creatures of the deep. Various fish, sharks, jellyfish- kids just wander from tank to tank soaking in all the wonder. 

Located at Broadway at the Beach {just like WonderWorks} it’s easy to make an entire day exploring this distinct area of Myrtle Beach. 

Learn more about Ripley’s Aquarium in Myrtle Beach! 

Murrells Inlet MarshWalk 

Step away from Myrtle Beach for a short drive to the historic fishing village of Murrells Inlet. We had lunch at Drunken Jack’s {after exploring Huntington Beach State Park in the morning} and then took a leisurely stroll along the MarshWalk. A 1/2 mile boardwalk along a natural saltwater estuary the MarshWalk is a great place to take kids for bird watching. 

{yes, my thirteen-year-old is two inches taller than me!!} 

Learn more about Murrells Inlet and the MarshWalk

Jungle Safari Mini Golf

With all the mini golf options in Myrtle Beach it’s safe to say that no visit to the city is complete without partaking in a round of the game. My oldest son loves playing mini golf and is inherently competitive. I recommend playing in the morning as the afternoon sun can be quite warm in Myrtle Beach! 

Full of beautiful flowers and fun mini golf obstacles, playing this game is a great way to enjoy a morning here. My crew was competitive, but yours truly had an amazing morning and scored three separate holes-in-one! It must have been my lucky day, much to my oldest son’s chagrin. 

Learn more about Jungle Safari Mini Golf


There is no missing the Skywheel of Myrtle Beach. Situated right at the shoreline in the heart of the town, this commanding attraction is a great way to see the Atlantic Ocean and Myrtle Beach. My crew is not a particular heights loving bunch and unfortunately we decided to pass on taking a trip. Each pod is enclosed and safe, I tried to rationalize this with my youngest son, but ultimately decided I didn’t want to make him uncomfortable. But if your family is up for adventure’s of this sort, it’s a must-see in Myrtle Beach! 

Have lunch or dinner at the Landshark Bar & Grill, located next to the Skywheel and then take a ride! Learn more about the Skywheel of Myrtle Beach

Have you visited Myrtle Beach? Do you have any recommendations for a family friendly must-see attraction? Leave a comment below with your suggestion or learn more about Myrtle Beach for your own visit! 



  1. There are so many wonderful suggestions here! You have covered everything. I haven’t been to Myrtle Beach yet, and it is definitely on my list. After reading this, I want to go even more with my children. Thanks for sharing such a great article with us!

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