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This review is by Father Geek for The Mama Report.  
When I was young, I visited the circus. It was a visual feast for my young eyes. Lions, tigers, clowns, and stunts that were as breathtaking as they were impossible to fathom. But that was when I was a child, and I now view the world through the eyes of a skeptic. Being older and – depending on your point of view – wiser, a traditional circus does not excite. I’ve seen tigers, I’ve seen bears, and as far as clowns and three rings go, I could do without both. That is why I was both surprised and enthralled with how much I enjoyed Cirque du Soleil’s newest show, Amaluna.
Now, to be fair, I must admit that this is my first Cirque du Soleil show. I knew what to expect – beautiful outfits, engrossing music, and spectacular sights – but only from the perspective of one who has read the brochure. Which is to say, I knew what “could be”, not what “would be”. I, therefore, went into the show with eyes wide open, but blind.
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When I was sat down, I was presented with a stage and surroundings that communicated both a jungle and a seemingly wild side of nature. There was a slight sense of femininity throughout, which makes total sense, when we consider that the setting of the show is on a remote island that is over-watched by the Moon Goddess. The Moon and the female menstrual cycle are closely linked. As is a female’s sexuality, sense of self, and individuality. All of these themes are explored and presented to the audience during the show. But before you start to feel uncomfortable about the whole thing, understand that the subject matter is presented in way of symbolism which will be lost on the younger crowd members. This makes the show exceedingly family friendly, but a secret message is sent to the adults in the audience. To me, this made the show all the more appealing and mysterious.
The costumes, acts of insane acrobatic skill, and atmospheric beauty was an intense experience.  The amount of time, expression, and purity in the performance made my heart flutter, my breath catch, and my mind race. I have never seen anything like the performance put on by the performers.  Music (which is done live by a band during the performance) blends seamlessly with the performers and the air is filled with an energy that catches hold and never releases you. The most painful point of the entire performance was the intermission that felt like my brain was being dunked in cold water.
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The most memorable performance was the balancing act. Imagine a barefoot young woman enter the circular stage, basked in the glow of a singular spotlight, with a large number of sticks at her feet. One at a time, and using her toes to grab the sticks, she begins to build a structure of sticks that are balanced one upon another. The entire performance took about 10 minutes, but it felt like an eternity. The entire auditorium was hushed as the music droned on, matching the speed of the performer. When it was all done, the audience and the performer, were both visibly relieved. Where once there was nothing but a bundle of stick now stood a perfectly balance structure of beautify and grace. And, with a single flick, it fell to the ground. An act wrought with so much symbolism it made my brain hurt. I felt as if I had shared an intense and intimate moment, which in many respect, I had.
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I have never been to a Cirque du Soleil performance before, but I can say with utmost honesty, that I look forward to going again. It was a feast for the eyes, for the soul, and for my imagination. The performers are world-class and the entire show is presented with skill. It was a magical event, an unforgettable evening, and full of awe inspiring moment. Do go see the circus when the you have a chance, and bring the entire family, as it will be an event you will talk about for years to come.

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