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This is Dougie. He’s a labradoodle that thinks he is a little boy. He’s a dog that doesn’t seem to understand he weighs 110lbs and maybe shouldn’t frolic around the house. He’s a member of the family and my boys adore him. 

Most of the time we are at home. I even work from home. But sometimes we need to travel and when we do Dougie has to find lodging elsewhere. Previously I’ve had Dougie stay at a local kennel. They are super friendly and I know they take good care of my dog. But it’s still a kennel. I can hear all the dogs barking in the back and it doesn’t leave a person with a very calm easy feeling. Recently I had to travel for work and rather than having Dougie stay at our local kennel I decided to test {Save $20 on your first stay by using the link!} 

What is Think of it as an AirB&B for your dogs. I looked up my town on the site and found several sitters in the general area who offer to host dogs. I immediately honed in on one in particular, a lady named Cheyann. She had lots of amazing reviews, lived nearby and was available to host Dougie when I was going to be out of town. 

Once I sent Cheyann a message through Rover we were able to connect and I brought Dougie over for a visit. Once I met Cheyann I knew Dougie was going to be in good hands. She has a gentle and kind demeanor and it was quite apparent she has a system in place. Dougie, who is typically very skittish about visiting new places, had started to relax during our short visit after he had a chance to get to know Cheyann.  

After our get-to-know-you visit I confirmed my booking with Cheyann and we were all set! I dropped Dougie off before my trip with his food and medicine in tow. 

{waiting for a treat at Cheyann’s}

While I was out-of-town I received daily pictures and an update on Dougie! This is an aspect of Cheyann and that I especially enjoyed. There are no updates from the kennel. But with Rover every evening I would receive a little status update with photos. 

It became quite clear from the pictures that Dougie was living his best life with I mean we love Dougie and all, but I don’t let him go on the couch! He was truly living the good life with Cheyann! 

This one experience has officially converted me from using the kennel to only using The next time I’m going out of town, Dougie is staying with Cheyann! Obviously for those of you who don’t live in Minnesota Cheyann isn’t an option, but there are lots of other people that genuinely love dogs and are looking to make a little extra money. Checkout to find a dog sitter near you!   



  1. Glad you had a good experience with Rover. I also recently used Rover for the first time, and was so happy with the results that I used them a couple more times in quick succession. I too enjoyed the photo updates from the sitter. I had actually never left my dog with anyone other than family before, so I was very nervous about this. Luckily it worked out great!

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