Enjoy the Outdoors this Summer! July is National Park & Recreation Month #ParkRecLuv


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In Minnesota it is best to make the most of the summer weather while you can.  Inevitably, the bright sunny weather isn’t sure to last.  As the mom of three little boys who have a lot of energy, parks are a great way for my little guys to let off some steam. July is officially national park and recreation month, but I encourage everyone to embrace the love of the outdoors while you can.  The kids are not at school and many parents take more vacation time making it a perfect opportunity to share the experience together.

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Plus during this celebratory month the National Recreation and Park Association has put together a bunch of activities and events.  Find a participating Park and Recreation Month location near you! Plus if you “Show the Love” to our local park this summer you could even have a chance to win weekly prizes! Visit NPRA July Love for more info on how to win!

So what does my family love most about visiting our local parks besides the extra love that comes with family togetherness?

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My boys get plenty of exercise, of course!  Testing your balance and coordination is important for children and even for adults.  Get out there and have fun!

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My boys love bugs, insects, or basically anything that is creepy and crawling.  There is a world of animals all around us, but it is important to slow down to take the time to observe and learn.  Parks are a great place for budding scientists to gain more insight on the world around them!

So what are you waiting for?!  Get out there and connect with your local National Recreation & Park Association location and starting making memories to last a lifetime!

Also connect with NRPA via Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook for additional information.



  1. It’s probably a bad sign that I assumed this post would be about the TV show, right?

    Just kidding. We’re outside all the time and even though I’ve been busy working again, my husband has gone out of his way to take the kids hiking in some nearby parks this summer. We love parks!

  2. Jessica Cox says

    We are taking a family trip next weekend to Watagua lake we are going to have a picnic and fish and just enjoy nature

  3. Matt Stringham says

    We love parks in our family!! We just moved to a newer area and we have 5 parks within walking distance!! needless to say, we are at a park everyday at our house!!

  4. Dorothy Teel says

    There is a lot to do at city parks also and of course National Parks, a lot have rangers on duty that love to interact with kids and visitors, my granddaughters go to national parks and have gotten patches for their travel vests and they love it this year they went to the Painted Desert and to Whit Sand and to Sagauro National Forest, they had a ball. There is a lot to be seen and learned and excellent family adventures at all types of parks, hope your little one had more fun as time went on..

  5. Kathy L. says

    We live a few mile from Itasca State Park. This is where the Mississippi river begins. It never gets old going there.

  6. We go to parks regularly. Weekly we like to go on a walk and a picinic!

  7. Sacha Schroeder says

    We need to go to our state parks more often. I never think of it. Thanks for the reminder!

  8. Michelle S says

    We just did a vacation to Door County, Wisconsin last month and spent time in several parks – swimming, hiking, and just playing on the beach.

  9. Christy Anderson says

    Looks like a great place to go and have fun with the family outdoors! I love being outdoors enjoying the sunshine!

  10. Our little town is full of parks but I would love to travel to YellowStone!

  11. Melissa Shirley says

    My son loves to go to the park. We have a park in our town that has a train that is a train caboose that the kids love.

  12. Christian Alejandro says

    I have a lot of friends who don’t like taking their kids to the park, but they are really missing out. It’s great spending time out there with the little ones!

  13. kathy pease says

    I love parks and hiking but hate the creepy crawlers..Just a word of caution please be aware and check kids for ticks. Lyme disease and its coinfections are on the rise all around the us..I was diagnosed in 2012. So have fun but be safe 🙂

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