Family Van, Ho! It’s Off To Bob Evans Farm We Go! #BEFarmFest


This coming weekend my family is piling into a rental van and heading to the Bob Evans Farm Festival in Rio Grande, Ohio!  Yep, The Mama Report is on assignment!  I even have an official looking press pass to wear!   I am an official Bob Evans Farm Festival Correspondent through BFPR.  The Bob Evans Farm Festival attracts more than 30,000 visitors from 19 states for a weekend of arts & crafts, entertainment and – of course – delicious food.

Of course it is all too fitting that my travel assignment is a farm festival.   Farms might seem like distant novelties to some people, but for me it was reality the first eighteen years of my life.  I grew up on a small family farm in North Dakota.   Living on a farm is not the same as living in a house on a typical street in suburbia.  Farm families do things in a certain way.  The older I get and the more people I meet, the more I understand that the “farm way” of doing things just isn’t the norm.   If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you probably didn’t grow up on a farm.

Luckily the Bob Evans Farm Festival is open to all, even if you are not familiar with farm life:)  The festival includes a wide range of entertainment, one-of-a-kind handmade arts and crafts, farm contests, delicious local food, children’s activities, demonstrations and musical performances.

Basically it is just a great way for a family to spend an autumn weekend.

Here are the details.

Oct. 14 – 16, 2011 Bob Evans Farm, Rio Grande, Ohio


Adults: $5
Children ages 6-18: $3
Children 5 and under: Free!

There are a wide variety of events and activities for all ages, but I wanted to highlight the kids activities since I will be bringing all three of my little guys with me.  I know my sons will have to go on the wagon and horse rides.  My youngest son is going to be so excited!  He loves tractors and animals.

JUST FOR KIDS Children’s activities include an interactive barnyard, lead horseback rides, a hay bale maze, wagon rides, a game tent, kiddie train, hay castle, corn pile and puppet show.

I must admit, living in Minnesota I had never heard of the Bob Evans Farm Festival.  We don’t even have Bob Evans restaurants in my neck of the woods.  Luckily I can find Bob Evans products at my local grocery store.  I have purchased the pre-made mashed potatoes before (for a quick supper) and they are delicious.  I am really excited to try Bob Evans food.  There will be plenty of great food available including- smoked sausage, fried chicken, biscuits & gravy, cornbread, and apple dumplings.   I do hope to visit an actual Bob Evans restaurant while traveling to the festival.   My friend from New York and fellow Mama Report writer, Angela, has raved about the food.  I am charting our long journey this week, hopefully I can squeeze in a meal at Bob Evans.

The kids are excited about all the various activities, but what am I most excited about?  The Homestead Museum.  I realize I might be in the minority in this opinion, since there are so many wonderful things to do at the festival.  But I do love history.  I am a former history teacher after all!  The Homestead (the main farm house) was built in the early 1820’s and was used as a stagecoach stop and an inn during its early years.  The Bob Evans family actually lived in the house for approximately 20 years and now it is on the National Register of Historic Places since its 2003 museum renovation.  Here is a glimpse of The Homestead.  Isn’t it beautiful!

This year marks the 41st Bob Evans Farm Festival and is truly special as this is the premiere event for the newly renovated grounds.  Changes scheduled to be completed before the opening bell of this year’s festival include:

  • The renovation of the existing Quilt Barn to a flexible space that can host receptions, meetings and other events – all with the option of delicious Bob Evans catering.
  • An enhanced entry to the Homestead museum
  • Preservation and relocation of the historic Adamsville log cabin village closer to the Homestead and more visible to guests.
  • The unveiling of the renovated Union Stockyards & Transit Authority Sign, a unique piece of livestock memorabilia purchased by Bob Evans more than 40 years ago.
  • The resurfacing, grading and overall improvements to the Farm Festival field, which will help prevent flooding and improve accessibility and overall experience.
  • The complete rebuilding of the first Bob Evans Restaurant in existence, Restaurant #1, which sits on the Farm’s property.

Check back at The Mama Report for future posts on my experience at the festival.  After 14 hours in the car, my little guys will be ready to run around!  Luckily there is plenty of room for great family fun down on the farm!

Interested in attending the Bob Evans Farm Festival?  Check out the festival online or via Facebook.


I am a Bob Evans Farm Festival Correspondent through BFPR and my travel and accommodation fees will be provided to attend to this event, however (as always) my opinions are my own.



  1. Sounds like a TON of fun. Have a blast!

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