Hoh Rain Forest, Olympic National Park, Washington


hoh rainforest

One of our day trips while staying at La Push was the Hoh Rain Forest.  I’ve never seen so much moss!  Actually it was my first official visit to a rain forest.  It was amazing to see this unique environment.  Perhaps the most exciting event was our discovery of a banana slug.  This disgusting creature has the unique ability to render one’s tongue numb when it is licked.  Yes, my husband licked a banana slug.  I’m so proud (can you detect my sarcasm?).  I can’t say that he didn’t seize the moment, that’s for sure! What a great example he is setting for my nephew who is peering upon the scene.

hoh rainforest banana slug

hoh rainforest hike

Cousins and hikers!

hoh rainforest hikers

hoh rainforest moss

hoh rainforest tree

Next, our trip to Rialto Beach visiting tide pools!

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