Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park, Washington


hurricane ridge mts

After leaving La Push next on our agenda was Port Angeles.  I was a little hesitant to take the twisty drive up to Hurricane Ridge, but my fears of falling over the side of a mountain where worth it once we reached our destination.  With views of Canada and the surrounding mountain tops we literally plowed through the snow along the trail.  I think my kids didn’t realize that it is not natural to have snow in July, but being this high up in the mountains even with temperatures in 70’s there was still a hefty dose of snow.

hurricane ridge mountains

hurricane ridge view

hurricane ridge visitors center

hurricane ridge hikers

hurricane ridge canada view

hurriucane ridge

Next on our trip, Lake Cascade and Marymere Falls!


  1. Breathtaking photos! Looking forward to seeing more. Safe travels.

  2. This looks like such a fun family vacation! I’ll have to add it to my “vacation bucket-list”.

  3. lisagee1234 says

    Beautiful place!

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