Kailua Beach: Best Beach on Oahu


Kailua Beach fence

While visiting Oahu we were blessed to be able to stay with family in Kailua. Staying in a home in a residential part of the island made our Hawaii experience so much more authentic and relaxed. We did visit the bustle of Waikiki Beach {I’ll highlight that part of the trip in a different post}, but I don’t recommend staying in that area. Not surprisingly Waikiki Beach is the tourist part of Hawaii. Instead everyday we were able to visit the much more local Kailua Beach with a short ten-minute walk.

Kailua Beach Oahu Hawaii

Kailua Beach plants

Kailua Beach Hawaii

Prior to my trip to Hawaii I had been swimming in the ocean once in San Diego. I found the experience to be okay, but I wouldn’t consider myself a beach person at all. That all changed with Hawaii. I wanted to be in the water all the time! I felt like a kid charging into the water to boogie board and play in the waves. And the experience was made even better when I could turn my head to see my sons playing and delighting in the water alongside me.

My oldest son and I had so much fun catching waves together. For the record I did manage to swallow a lot of water my first time trying to ride a wave. I don’t want you to think I was a pro. I’m a land-locked North Dakota farm girl at my core, so there was a slight learning curve involved. Even my middle son gave it all a try. This image of him riding his first wave brings a big smile to my face. It’s one of my favorite pictures of all time.

Boogie boarding at Kailua Beach

Kailua Beach Boogeyboarding


My younger two sons had the most fun battling the waves near the shore or playing with the endless amounts of sand. It’s been a year and a half since our trip to Hawaii and I’m still finding Kailua Beach sand in random places around the house. The kids have water shoes and no matter how hard I try, the Hawaii sand just won’t all come out.

Fun in the Sun Kailua Beach

Sandcastle Kailua Beach

Beach Fun at Kailua Beach

Kailua Beach

My oldest son and I stayed fairly close to shore while the older guys made their way out to the break for surfing. We were definitely not up for quite that much adventure. I wouldn’t trust my swimming skills to that extent. But it didn’t matter. Boogie boarding with my eldest son was the best.

Kailua Beach Hawaii Oahu

Swimming on the beach in Hawaii was unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced. The salt on my tongue and the strength of the waves crashing on to the beach were soothing.

Kailua Beach map

I know my fellas are eager to visit Hawaii again at some point and I feel that a larger part of this attraction is due to Kailua Beach. For a point of reference the area of the beach that we visited is highlighted on the map above.

Kailua Beach

Have you visited Kailua Beach? Do you have a favorite spot in Hawaii?

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