Likeke Falls Hike with Young Kids


Hiking Likeke Falls Oahu

I had grand visions of sharing in succession all of the sights from our Hawaii trip in April 2015. I started out strong with this Favorite Moments post and even showcased the beautiful Byodo-In Temple.  And then that’s where my posts ended. Nevertheless, I’m back this week to continue sharing the sights of Oahu.

Our first day on the island included the amazing visit to Byodo-In Temple and continued with an easy hike along the Old Pali Road to Likeke Falls. With my brother-in-law as our guide he started to educate us on part of the local history related to our hike. The Old Pali Road was a way to travel from Honolulu to the windward side of Oahu. The “road” no longer permits vehicle traffic, but the trail offers lots of great hiking routes. 


The waterfall itself is fairly mild, but any form of a waterfall is a destination in my book. The rocks can be a bit slippery, but the slightly steep rock bed of the falls can be traversed with a little bit of skill. 




If you are visiting the Oahu and are looking for relatively easy trails to hike with young kids this trail is definitely a fit. We didn’t hike the entire route per this site, but we rather we met up with the trail starting near the Ko’olau Golf Course. 


treesonLikekeFalls hike

The vegetation along the trail was thick, but beautiful. Coming from Minnesota in April we were struck by the vast array of green as well as the size of some of the leaves. There is no doubt this is a tropical destination. We had an assortment of kids on our hike ranging from 4 years old to 10 years old, all were able to navigate our hiking path without issue. 




Hiking Likeke Falls Oahu Hawaii



  1. Oh that looks so beautiful!! I hope to go to Hawaii someday! Love the waterfalls!

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