Minnesota Children’s Museum Lego Castle Exhibit Review


We braved the snow and cold for a special trip to the Minnesota Children’s Museum in St. Paul.  My kids love this discovery, learning place and were excited to see the new Lego Castle exhibit.  Swords, knights, castles, legos- it is a recipe made in little boy heaven and my boys are no exception.  The exhibit has an assortment of activities for kids of all ages.  My youngest was able to play in a carpeted area with huge, soft Legos.  I had never seen that particular kind of Legos before and they were a big hit with my 16 months and 3 year old.  Here they are below.












My eldest son loved the jousting area.  The knight/horse gear is quite heavy and can only be worn by at least a five year old.  In this activity kids can take their turn jousting a sign.

My six year old’s favorite part was the interactive Defend the Castle.  A castle exists on a large video screen and each person gets a chance to break down part of the castle.  This activity is essentially a large video game.  One player selects what type of wall they want (thin or thick) and they they pull back on the giant catapult to hit the bricks and break down the wall.  This was definitely one of the most popular activities in the exhibit. Here is my eldest below taking his turn.

And any Lego exhibit isn’t complete without amazing Lego creations AND a place to actually play with Legos.  The creations were amazing.  My middle son loved a knight in armor with a sword.  He desperately wanted the knights sword.  I think he couldn’t quite believe it was made of Legos! Here is my clan next to a life size Lego Dragon.  Awesome!

A castle isn’t complete without a throne!

This is a Lego creation of the gardens at Leeds Castle in England.  Nana, my husband, and I have actually been there so it was fun to see a Lego rendition of the place!



The Lego building area was amazing.  It had many areas to build Lego creations and many pieces of Legos to build with.  There was no need to worry about sharing as each person was sure to have enough.


Overall we LOVED the Lego Castle exhibit.  We have been to the Minnesota Children’s Museum quite a few times and this has been the best temporary exhibit we have seen.  The rest of the museum is amazing as well.  We could easily spend all day at the museum.  Unfortunately we usually have something else we need to do in the Cities at the same time.  My middle son is especially fond of the ant area.  This exhibit is a series of tunnels and the children(ants) can crawl around in this ant world.  I have never seen a place like this before anywhere else and I can easily see why my middle son likes it so much.  I’m sure we will travel back to the museum again before winter is over as we have a family membership.  What a great way to spend a winter’s day!















I was not compensated for this post.  We have a membership(we purchased) to the Minnesota Children’s Museum, but other than that they have no idea about The Mama Report.


  1. O.M.Goodness, my son would love this! He’s obsessed with all things Lego. 🙂

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