My Progressive Snapshot Results are In!


People, the results are not good.  I vowed to bring my “A” game and maximize my insurance discount, but unfortunately my heavy braking has resulted in NO additional savings.  I don’t normally talk like this- but yeah, I suck.

Still I don’t regret my 30 days with Snapshot.  I had nothing to lose and only money to potentially save.  It was worth a shot!  I’ve certainly become aware of how much I rely on my breaks.  If nothing else, I will work on making my stops much more gradual.

I highly recommend taking the Snapshot 30 Day Challenge.  It takes approximately 2 minutes to set up and could save you money on your car insurance.  It doesn’t cost anything.  The device merely grades your driving.  Based on those results, plus your geographic location Progressive might be able to offer you additional savings on your car insurance.
Or if you’re like me, the car insurance company will actually reject you.  Oh lordy, it’s junior high all over again:)
Good luck Mama Report readers!  I wish you big savings.  Connect with Progressive for your chance to save.  I’m sure you’ll all do much better than me…… darn it!
I have been compensated for this post, all opinions are my own.


  1. Wow…even with my bad driving, I got a 7% discount. My wife on the other hand got the full 30% discount. Guess I should feel more comfortable with her driving now…?

  2. LOL – I don’t think even for the chance of savings I’d want anyone to monitor my driving…snort.

  3. I have heard that when they do give you a discount, they will raise your premium a similar amount.

  4. Hubert Kidd sr says

    I can’t get my snapshot report,why?

  5. Angelo R. Colello says

    Have Snapshot installed on my auto How can I find out how I am doing so far

    Thank you,

    Angelo R. Colello

  6. Jack Adams says

    why did not I receive a discount

  7. Debbie Ratliff says

    Sent my Snapshot back checking see if received and my results. thank you Deb Ratliff

  8. How many heavy brakes did it report for you in the 30days?

  9. Just finish using Snapshot. Got a B on both cares due to “Hard Stops”. Everything else was fine. While I’ll admit I could have done a better job of coasting to a stop on some occasions, with many of the others, my options were to either Hard Stop or hit a deer, hit a dog, t-bone a car that pulled out in front of me, hit a car backing out of their driveway, side swiping a car drifting over into my lane, etc. This was not my first time using such a device when changing insurance companies. I think they know many hard stops are unavoidable unless you hit something but use the data to keep from increasing your discounts.

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