Oz The Great and Powerful World Premiere- Red Carpet Experience at the El Capitan Theatre #DisneyOzEvent


oz world premierepicture courtesy of Disney

One of the most thrilling aspects of my time in LA for the #DisneyOzEvent was walking the red carpet at the premiere at the El Capitan Theatre.  The experience was a whirlwind to say the least.  We arrived just as Rachel Weisz, Michelle Williams, and Mila Kunis also happened to be arriving. Inadvertently we walked just behind them on the red carpet.  Yeah, it was amazing.  I’ve included a ton of pictures below, because that’s what I would want to see:)  It is quite obvious which ones are mine and which were taken by Disney.  Somehow my iPhone camera just doesn’t take professional quality pics, go figure!:)

Prior to our departure to the theatre we congregated together at The Langham Hotel in Pasadena for a few pics of our red carpet attire.

2013-02-13 17.46.00

Leanette from TeachMe2Save, me, and Heather from Our Kids Mom

16299_10103078355677364_1612826618_nAll 25 mommy bloggers with our Disney bachelor:)  Did I also mention we were filming the next season of The Bachelor?  Just kidding:)

2013-02-13 18.55.48

Once we arrived in Hollywood the giant Oz balloon was unmistakable.  This balloon stayed with us for the rest of our LA visit.  It is so big and beautiful, I have many more pics for future posts too.

2013-02-13 18.56.32


As you can probably imagine the city was aglow with excitement for the world premiere of this prequel.  As you can see from the pics, the red carpet was actually a yellow brick road!  Of course that change is completely fitting for Oz The Great and Powerful premiere.

2013-02-13 19.12.04

Immediately after entering the red carpet area we spotted Rachel Weisz!  Her dress was amazing.  Her entire look was sleek and sophisticated.

2013-02-13 19.12.20


photo courtesy of Disney

Immediately following our Rachel Weisz sighting Mila Kunis arrived!

2013-02-13 19.13.16

2013-02-13 19.13.26

2013-02-13 19.13.32

2013-02-13 19.13.35

zbaf8BzbCBYJxI8b3F9NMdJQW18pvGYpHxQDSLIjC3ophoto courtesy of Disney

mila-kunis-james-franco-oz-the-great-and-powerful-premiere-17photo courtesy of Just Jared.com

mila-kunis-james-franco-oz-the-great-and-powerful-premiere-19photo courtesy of JustJared.com

We had so much fun posing on the yellow brick road, though I underestimated how much all of us would be in professional pics like the ones featured above.  I can’t believe the odd faces I’m making!  Why wasn’t I smiling and posing myself?! Clearly I’m a novice red carpet walker:)

2013-02-13 19.15.49

2013-02-13 19.14.58

Leanette from TeachMe2Save

2013-02-13 21.20.39Lori from A Day in Motherhood

oz premiere 10

I thought all three ladies dresses were so beautiful.  Having the opportunity to see these actresses up close made me realize how truly flawless they are.  Their skin and complexion was perfection, as well as their figures.  Leading lady I am not, but I thought I cleaned up quite well:)

Right after Mila came Michelle Williams!

2013-02-13 19.13.30

2013-02-13 19.13.50

2013-02-13 19.14.13

Of course all the stars walked the yellow brick road, but by then some were already being interviewed.

2013-02-13 19.14.26James Franco being interviewed by Maria Menounos

2013-02-13 19.16.16Zach Braff interview on the yellow brick road

nnXYjhiigD_BhVSEqUt_nBMuqzPv48Uu4xqeMFv43a0photo courtesy of Disney

hwMwHBO2bo2tGNqRqEYSK98Suj06Uir5ldAmNBEryDcphoto courtesy of Disney

ahD3ZbTmgEQLNYLO2nCWWSNhfKZhoxILFRn69WDE-R4photo courtesy of Disney

2013-02-14 02.17.30

Inside we were ready to watch Oz The Great and Powerful in 3D!  The theater was spectacular.  El Capitan was a fitting place to watch such a vibrant movie.  But of course, I will save all the details on the movie for another post:)

2013-02-13 19.48.48

2013-02-13 19.59.33hanging out with Amber from Thrifty Ninja and Lori from A Day in Motherhood

  OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL will play at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, CA from March 8th – April 30th in Disney Digital 3D and Real D 3D

  • For the First 3 weeks only (March 8 – 31) See “Disney Mysteries of Magic” live on stage!  Be dazzled by the artistry of illusion in a magical showcase.  See our expert wizard perform mystical magical illusions before your very eyes!
  • Plus, see an exclusive display of costumes from the movie from March 8 – April 30.

Once the movie was over well traveled via chartered bus to The Lure for the Oz The Great and Powerful premiere after party.

2013-02-13 23.03.34

Of course there was plenty of star spotting at the club as well.  Zach Braff was hanging out with Donald Faison and Sarah Chalke.  James Franco and Rachel Weisz were there.  Michelle Williams was there with her good friend Busy Philipps.  And Mila sat on Ashton Kutcher’s lap no less.  Yes, it was a crazy evening.  Not many pictures of the club however;) There were just relaxing and we obviously didn’t want to be obnoxious.

oz premiere party

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OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL lands in theaters on March 8th!

oz disney

My trip to the #DisneyOzEvent was funded entirely by Disney, however all opinions are my own.


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