President’s View Mt. Rushmore, Keystone, South Dakota Review


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The President’s View Mt. Rushmore, Keystone, South Dakota

In our cross country journey we stayed at quite a few hotels.  We mostly stayed at Super 8’s and found a variety of amenities and comfort.  Our final night of our epic road trip we stayed at The President’s View Mt. Rushmore, Keystone, South Dakota.  This night was supposed to be special since it was the only place that we had stayed at that had a pool and was the last night of our epic road trip.   I picked this hotel merely because of the fact that it was near Mt. Rushmore.  We wanted to wake up the next morning to view Mt. Rushmore early so we could start the long drive home.  Usually Expedia (where I made my reservations) recommends quality hotels, this was not the case in Keystone.

Here is a quick list of what I found to be unsatisfactory
-45-60 minutes to check in
-extremely small outdated room
-broken coat rack  in room
-$10 fee for not returning plastic hotel key
-regular outdated TV (not a flat screen) with limited cable
-uncomfortable beds
-advertises a “heated” pool, but my family froze

When we arrived in Keystone we had been in the car all day driving from Whitehall, MT.  We had just purchased a pizza for supper and we were looking forward to eating in the room and going swimming afterwards.  I entered the fancy columns and valet parking to what I thought was going to be a great experience.   After a few minutes of waiting in line for my turn to check-in it became apparent this was going to be a while.  I was second in line and soon there were many more people behind me.  When I finally had my turn I understood the problem was that the hotel had NOT received the reservation information from Expedia- essentially my reservation didn’t exist.  Major problem.  Luckily I had printed my reservation from Expedia at home.  They were able to give me a room at the price I had reserved, but only because I had my print out with me.  I don’t want to even think about what would have happened if I didn’t have that sheet!  The staff was helpful, but when I expressed concern over my extremely long wait to check in they could offer me nothing but simple apologies.  Obviously this is not the hotel workers fault, but rather a management flaw.

Once I finally received my key I was surprised to learn that if I didn’t return the generic plastic card in the morning as I check out I would have to pay a $10 fee.  WTF! As I mentioned I had stayed at MANY hotels in the a short amount of time on our trip and no other hotel made me return the cards or face a penalty.  I was quickly beginning to realize that this hotel was only after one thing- my money.

By this time I was just relieved that I had a room.  But that relief was quickly replaced by disgust when I entered our room.  With two double size beds our room was a standard room, nothing special certainly, but the basic room for the motel.  IT WAS SO SMALL!  The night before we stayed at the Super 8 in Whitehall, MT and the room was spacious AND much cheaper too.  There was hardly any space to walk around the room.  I realize that a standard room isn’t luxury, but this was small. The picture below actually looks a little spacious from the angle I took it from.

The story just keeps going….  I then set my purse on the top portion of the coat rack to keep little fingers out of it and the screw literally comes out of the wall!  Perhaps it would make sense to get rid of the valet parking and use that money on maintaining the rooms!

I also noticed the TV was outdated.  I realize I’m being picky, but again ALL of the other hotels we stayed at had flat screen TV’s.  This was the only one that did not.  It is a sad day when a Super 8 looks like luxury, because not only was the TV old, but it also had limited cable.  No HDTV for me:(

So what WERE the positive aspects of my stay?

-It IS close to Mt. Rushmore, but there are other hotels that are just as close.

Hmmmm…that about sums it up.  I was going to add free coffee in the lobby, but they didn’t even have decaf so Nana was quite put out.

The ironic twist to this story is that while it was my LEAST comfortable, pleasant stay of our entire trip it was the MOST EXPENSIVE hotel we stayed at.

Live and learn, I guess.  I won’t be heading back anytime soon…..



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