The Cove of Lake Geneva


While my stay in Lake Geneva was complimentary, all opinions are my own.

There are a few tricks I’ve learned through the years by being a mom of three boys. Call them parenting hacks. Call them common sense. However you see the situation, with experience hopefully comes some degree of wisdom. A few of these bits of knowledge circle around ensuring my boys have a love of books and learning. At one point I felt that I had mastered the art of keeping a toddler entertained at a restaurant. But one of my more important and long lasting nuggets of enlightenment circles around traveling with children. 

I’ve stayed in countless hotel rooms with the boys. Crammed into one room we all trip over each other and ultimately end up on each others nerves. Yes, we love each other, but a little space is a good thing. These days my preferred way to vacation is by staying in a suite. What does that mean exactly? While suites can vary from place-to-place it ultimately means we have multiple bedrooms, a kitchen and a dining area. Genius. First-time parents end the hotel room madness now, there is an easier way. 

Our recent visit to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin had us staying at The Cove of Lake Geneva. If you plan on visiting Lake Geneva I highly recommend The Cove for a few reasons. As you can probably figure out the first reason being that it is a suite! I had my own room, which proved especially handy since I became increasingly ill on the trip {I ended up having mono!}. My two younger sons shared a room upstairs in the loft area, they also had their own bathroom. And my oldest son “camped” out in the living room on the pullout couch. This configuration is one of several different varieties available. 

{my bedroom}

Having a small kitchen when vacationing with kids is so helpful. It makes breakfast time about a bazillion times easier in my opinion. Cereal and milk, donuts, toast and even scrambled eggs can all be consumed at your leisure when you have a suite. A little advanced planning means that there is no need for everyone to get dressed right away so the person that is starving can have their breakfast. The family has their own mini-house and it makes everyone much more comfortable and relaxed. 

What I also especially like at The Cove was all the decorations. It’s very apparent that this isn’t some sort of sterilized, generic hotel room. This is a real live-in place with a personality and vibe of it’s own. Taking a cue off of the nautical theme our temporary home was welcoming and pleasant. 

{countertop dining} 

{another little dining area off of the kitchen next to the fireplace}

{loft bedroom}

Much to my youngest son’s delight we even had a our own balcony. And thankfully it comes with a hefty duty {and high} lock which makes it easy to make sure no one takes a step outside without permission. He was quick to sit back and relax and soak in the experience. 

{stairs to the loft area}

Our suite at the The Cove had a delightful added bonus- a large jet tub! 

The Cove of Lake Geneva has so many aspects that make it a great place to stay while visiting Lake Geneva. 

Multiple bedrooms ✓

Kitchen ✓

Relaxing fireplace ✓

Balcony ✓

Large bathtub ✓

But the suite itself is really only part of the story. It’s the list above paired with the list below that makes The Cove ideal.

Across the street from Geneva Lake ✓

A block away from downtown ✓

Walking distance to almost all the sites ✓

Connected to Sprecher’s ✓

Large indoor pool ✓

Large outdoor pool ✓

Hot tub ✓

Large outdoor kiddie pool ✓

Arcade ✓

The outdoor pool seemed to be where everyone was on Saturday. It was clear that there were different families congregating and different parties taking place. While all that was going on outside, my fellas enjoyed some time in the large indoor pool mostly by themselves 

The Cove actually provides a few water toys and kids can also bring their own to play. My youngest son is pure mischief with these noodles. They make a perfect water blaster. 

{brother bonding}

The reception area was recently remodeled and it includes an area where guest can purchase drinks and local coffee. 

I pulled this map to provide an overview perspective on just how close The Cove is to all the best of Lake Geneva. The main part of the town is literally on Main Street. 

While our visit was purely as tourist guests, it was apparent that there were many people staying at The Cove that were together for weddings, family reunions and other various occasions. The Cove makes for a great place for large gatherings of that nature, but worked just great for our modest purpose as well. 

Connect with The Cove of Lake Geneva online or via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for all the details.  






  1. Barbara Karabas says

    Thank you, Ali, for your Lake Geneva, WI travel tips! It’s so much easier when everyone’s duffle bag isn’t strewn out all over a small hotel floor – and you can feed the kids breakfast in your room and spare the expense of going out!

  2. Melissa Adams says

    This place is beautiful and would be perfect for our family vacay.

  3. Wow! Looks amazing! Hope you and the family had a blast!

  4. sandra burns says

    Looks like a lovely place for a vacation.

  5. looks great hope you had fun

  6. Christina A. says

    That looks wonderful and so fun! I love staying in places with lots of space and you can really save my having a place to cook and prepare snacks as well!

  7. You are at one of my favorite places on earth. My husband and I hike the path around Lake Geneva regularly

  8. I love it when they have indoor pools!

  9. Cheryl Everitt says

    Lake Geneva sounds awesome! This is a definitely on my bucket list. Thank you for sharing.

  10. looks awesome and fun..would be a nice place to visit

  11. rana durham says

    i love to visit this place reminds me of place that i need to be. it looks so serene.

  12. We went Lake Geneva one time years ago and it was so pretty and fun!

  13. o wow that’s awesome. this is what i need , a trip with friends or my family.

  14. Melinda Berlin says

    Looks beautiful, I’ve never been to Wisconsin but from Illinois it’s definitely an option =)

  15. This looks so nice! I love the decor.

  16. What a beautiful place to stay! My husband and I are planning on doing some traveling this summer. I would love to stay at a hotel like this one!

  17. We enjoy Lake Geneva and all the activities there are to do. Looks like a great place to stay

  18. Bobbie Smith says

    This is so nice! There seems to be so many things to do! Maybe 1 day I’ll be lucky enough to get to go!

  19. I wanna take my family there! has a nice pool. Living room area and kitchen are nice and spacious, nice decor. I really have to check this place out and take my wife and kids there for a vacations we would have a blast

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