Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota- Painted Canyon


theodore roosevelt national park badlands of north dakota

As you have probably all noticed, we are currently on vacation.  My family has trekked across the country from good ol’Minnesota all the way to the Pacific Ocean in Washington state.  We didn’t have a chance to see much on our journey out west as we were meeting family on a particular date.  Instead we plan on see much more on our return journey.  But our one and only sightseeing opportunity on the way was to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota.  The Painted Canyon is an easy rest stop along the way and the view is well worth it.

theodore roosevelt national park

The Badlands of North Dakota are well worth a visit within themselves and I’m always longing to revisit some of the locations I saw as a youth.  But unfortunately our visit was just a short picnic break on our long car journey.

My son’s expression captures our feeling of being on vacation.  Woo hoo!

theodore roosevelt national park vacation

theodore roosevelt national park (2)

After a brief glimpse of these Badlands it was back on the road to the big sky’s of Montana.

theodore roosevelt national park badlands

As soon as possible I’ll share more of our vacation.  Next up our family destination at La Push, Washington!

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