Winter Fun at Chuck E. Cheese’s!


Let’s face it winter is long.  Really long, especially where I live- Minnesota.  Yep, sometimes we are lucky enough to have seven full months of winter.  My kids almost literally start bouncing off the walls.  Three boys.  Three energetic young boys.  You get the idea, they need a place to release some of that pent up energy.

One of the best places to get out some of my young guys angst?  Chuck E. Cheese’s of course!  We recently visited our local Chuck E. Cheese’s in Rochester, Minnesota and I was truly impressed at its ability to entertain ALL of my boys.  My eldest is age seven, middle son is age four, and my youngest is age two, this age gap can provide some challenges.  Usually either my eldest two are entertained or just my youngest two.  It is a rare occasion when a place makes all of my boys happy.

Here is a breakdown of their experience.

My eldest age seven was, not surprisingly, fixated on the video games.  He is old enough to go off on with his buddy and try out a variety of games.  I hardly talked to him the whole time we were there!

My four year old is in the in between age.   He could take part in a number of video games (but not all) and also enjoyed the slides and playground area.

My youngest child age two had the opportunity to try out some simple ride-on vehicles, he also played some simple video games, and of course had a blast on at the playground area.  Prior to my visit I was the most concerned about his experience.  I wasn’t not sure there would be enough for him to partake in.  Once I arrived these concerns were immediately put to rest.

And let’s not forget the grown-up experience.  My husband loves video games as much as my sons and he had a great time too!

Here are some pictures of our experience.

My two youngest sons could probably have played this simple ball game the entire time we were there.   The object of the game is easy- throw the balls and hit the targets as they go across the screen.  My four year old understood the point to the game and like a mad man tried to hit the targets.  I’m not entirely sure that my two year old understood to hit the targets, but he had a lot of fun throwing the balls!  This game is an easy win with any kid.

My four year old has never been on a real roller-coaster but he had a lot of fun on this mock experience with his five year old friend.

Working together my son and his friend didn’t make their target.  Better luck next time!

Time for some fun rides!

My littlest guy loved this slide that is perfect for his age!

Nana assists him in this ball toss.  He obviously couldn’t quite reach the goal, but he had fun nonetheless!

Nana even gives racing a try!

Adults and kids are easily entertained!

After all the fun playing games our crew was ready for some food!  It had been a while since I had last visited a Chuck E. Cheese’s and I had never been to this new one in Rochester, but I had a memory of cardboard like pizza.  I was so pleased when the pizza was great!

Certainly we are not talking about gourmet pizza, but our pepperoni was child and adult pleasing.  It quickly disappeared.

the kid table

the baby/mom/Nana table

The guy table with their self-provided iPhone toys:)

My boy’s birthdays are in the summer and fall so I am luck to be able to host their parties outside, but while we were there, there were several birthday parties in action.  I could definitely see how a birthday party here would be tempting.  Entertainment?  Provided.  Food? Provided.  Decorations? Provided.

They even have birthday cakes available for purchase!

So will we be returning to Chuck E. Cheese’s?  Of course!  Actually we will be back in just a couple of weeks as my eldest son is having his Cub Scout Christmas party there.  The whole family will be back again to have some good old fun while the snow takes over the world outside.  I believe we may have just found our go-to place for a good indoor time.

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